Wild Young Things

For our Youth Issue, we asked Zee’s friends to give us anecdotes about one of their craziest experiences growing up.

Bryant Ng

Media Manager 

My friends and I would go clubbing on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays – and managed to get to school on time, all the time! I miss those days!

Carla Adlawan

Copywriter, ASAP Advertising

I started an all-girl metal band at 15, got banned by the sisters at our school and had to undergo guidance counseling because “rock music was not suitable for good catholic girls.”

Kevin Richberg

Travel Writer

When I was 24, I was involved in the Equator Crossing Ceremony – I was working on a merchant marine vessel as a teacher and when you cross the equator for the very first time there is a very special ritual that you are involved in.  Essentially, they ducktape your entire body till you’re a mummy and cover you in slimy materials until the seagulls come and try to peck your eyes out.

Max William

Web Developer

I was in Paramount Bar, a club in London, with my friends and one of them kept grabbing my butt so I decided to hit him back. But when I whacked him, he wasn’t the one standing next to me, so I ended up hitting some random guy.

Noreen Tseng-Fernandez

Accessory Designer

I faked a faint after the dawn mass of the Sto. Niño church on the day of     Sinulog, so my mom and I didn’t have to walk out of the church together with a gazillion people and get out after an hour. Somebody carried me out and my mom was right behind me.

Patryk Chaou

Creative Director, One Production 

When I was living in Canada, my friends and I went hiking in the forest without any flashlights. We were so freaked out because we didn’t know where we were going or what wild animal we would see. There were five of us, so we all huddled together and walked as a group. If a bear or a cougar showed up, we would have been dead meat. But at the time, it felt invigorating doing something crazy like that.

Ria Alazas


When I was 14, I got a tattoo. I realized I didn’t like the design in the middle of the process but didn’t say anything to the artist because I didn’t want to offend him.

Tom Napack

Musician, Dangerous Muse 

 In college, I lived across the hall from my former roommate. Over wine, his girlfriend got to talking about how she wanted a threesome with two guys. He chimed in saying that if he ever were to do such a thing it would have to be me and that he was open to it. Later, his girlfriend told me I had to “teach him how to be good at it.”

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