Why Siargao Bleu is Our New Favorite Spot on the Island

Much like everyone else I know who’s set foot on the island, I’ve developed an affinity with Siargao since I first discovered it two years ago—an affinity that I barely developed with any other place in the country, though other destinations have been just as beautiful. Maybe it’s the afterglow of riding a wave for the first time, the laidback island vibe that permeates through the community, or the incredible range of cuisines on the island as a result of the melting pot of people that have chosen to settle there. Whatever it is, there’s something about Siargao that makes you fall in love at first sight, and never truly get over it.

What I did get over, though, was the constant pursuit of the thrill. Although it was a pastime I still held in high regard, surfing wasn’t on my mind during my last visit to the island. After the frenzy of approaching deadlines and the constant drone that is city life, I was looking forward to truly quiet days—the kind of days that stretch out its hours, spent in secret corners where it’s just you and the sea.

There seemed to be no better place to do that than in Siargao Bleu Resort & Spa. Some friends had already previously visited the quiet property, many of whom shared that it was a tranquil spot to enjoy your island sojourn. “Plus, the pool is just beautiful,” one adds.

After the 30-minute drive from the airport, we were led to the open-air lobby, where the staff escort you to a seat and hand you a fresh coconut to enjoy. While waiting for the front desk to get everything in order, I wander off onto the deck to see that the pool was, indeed, beautiful.

The sight that greets you once you set foot on Siargao Bleu’s main property is truly breathtaking—the large swimming pool stretches out to the sea, while Balinese-style villas dot its edges. Lush greenery seem to envelop the structures, while in the distance, a daybed is positioned by the seawall, its sheer canopy billowing in the wind.

“The interior and outdoor designs really compliment the crystal clear ocean just outside the resort,” shares Christian Pontoppidan, the resort’s marketing head. He adds that the concept was created by Bong Deiparine of Primitivo Deiparine Design in San Francisco, who is currently based in Cebu.“It is Balinese-inspired, but incorporating elements of Siargao and local artistry.”

The homage to Filipino creativity is most evident in the murals featured in the different rooms—painted by local artists, they depict various scenes on the island such as the Cloud 9 Boardwalk or the Magpupungko Tidal Pools.

Incorporating local elements was important, as it represents the resort’s identity. “The owner of the resort was born in Siargao—most other resorts are being built by foreign expats or people from Cebu and Manila,” Chris explains. “So Siargao Bleu is a true Siarganon resort.”

Of course, one of the main features in Siargao Bleu is the pool, which Chris describes as the “grandest pool on the island,” and the Floating Villas. Each villa enjoys a private veranda that leads straight into the water, and a spacious bathroom with a jacuzzi tub (during our visit, the team was slowly converting the traditional porcelain jacuzzis to large stone tubs, each carved from a single piece of solid rock). There are also the Garden de Luxe rooms, in the midst of the resort’s thriving tropical foliage. The rooms in The Terraces are on the second floor, with a long hallway that look out to the neighborhood’s abundance of natural beauty.

“We also have personalized butler service,” Chris continues. “Our butlers, other than tending to every request, will also accompany you on any activity you go on, be it either surfing or island hopping.”

The resort’s staff is eager to help arrange any excursion on the island, but sometimes the best experiences can be had in the resort itself. “Our Spa is the biggest on the island, with the most diverse treatments available and the most highly trained therapists,” Chris shares. Siargao Bleu also has film viewings by the beach on Tuesdays and Thursdays. “The movie nights are something we arrange for our guests who would like to do something other than visit our spa or swim in the pool. It’s also open to paying public guests.”

The hotel’s in-house restaurant Karatagan serves some of the best seafood dishes, and a beach-side bar is currently in the works. “We strive to provide the best possible facilities and service to our guests,” says Chris. “The Sunset Beach Bar will give our guests the best view of the sunset in Siargao, to be enjoyed while sipping on a delicious fruit shake or a refreshing cocktail.”

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to spend afternoons on the island? As the day winds down, I find myself settling onto the daybed that I had first eyed when I arrived at Siargao Bleu (and thankfully, you could order a drink from Karagatan for now). With the comforting sound of crashing water, the sky slowly dipping into an orange gradient and the Pacific Ocean bringing a cool breeze to share, it was truly the quiet escape I had envisioned, with an addendum. Here, it was me, the sea and a cocktail.

Shari Quimbo
Shari Quimbo

Shari Quimbo is the managing editor of Zee Lifestyle. In her spare time, she likes cooking for family and friends, and escaping to the beach on weekends. Follow Shari's adventures on Instagram at @sharinuh.

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