What To Get Your Moms for Mother’s Day, According to Cebu’s Social Set

Jasmin & Jennifer Sarmiento, for their mom Penny

Jasmin & Jennifer Sarmiento

“We’re getting her a SkyRoam Global Hotspot. Our mom is a jetsetter, so she’s always traveling. My brother found this thing—it’s a portable WiFi hotspot that you can use anywhere in the world. So he bought the unit, and we’re the ones who will buy credits for it. It’s unlimited internet all over the world!”

Cybill Gayatin, for her mom Arcy

Cybill Gayatin

“I got her tickets to Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic Tour. We’re watching in Chicago in August. I laugh, but she’s pretty serious about her love for Bruno.”

Rae Francine Siao, for her mom Frances

Rae Francine Siao

“We’re getting her a box of roses, along with new sports apparel because she loves working out.”

Kiko Kintanar, for his mom Christina

“Planning on getting her these boxed blooms, but since she forgot about tagging me along with her to Australia, a photo of it will do for now.”

Mia Arcenas, for her mom Iris

Mia Arcenas

“What I am getting my mother is a surprise (to be revered this Sunday). A tiny hint: it has something to do with tools that will help her feel even more beautiful, youthful and centered.” 

Shari Quimbo
Shari Quimbo

Shari Quimbo is the managing editor of Zee Lifestyle. In her spare time, she likes cooking for family and friends, and escaping to the beach on weekends. Follow Shari's adventures on Instagram at @sharinuh.

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