These Spots are Perfect for Taking Your #OOTDs to the Next Level

Zee Lifestyle lists down the hidden and not-so-hidden locations to do your OOTD and Instagram posts. We invited couple fashion bloggers Jesse Jake Daan and Sophia Sanchez to show us the establishments that have some of the best picture perfect corners. These spots marry thoughtful design and great food for an experience that’s just as enjoyable offline as it is on.



As a new spot to enjoy brunch, Balai by Cafeplus is an urban garden that’ll make you feel right at home.

Sophia Says…

• The indoor lighting might be a bit dark for your smartphone because it’s ambient. However, there are spotlights that you can use. One is pointed towards the staircase behind the counter, so make sure to snap at that spot.

• If you are taking photos inside, wear outfits that lean toward dark hues and tones for an edgy and contemporary luxe look.

• The lush greenery outside is also a great background for OOTD posts. Plus, there’s natural light!

• There’s a small corner that features a painting of a small boy–make sure to take photos beside it for a fun twist.






From its beginnings of a humble nest in a quiet village, 10 Dove Street Confectionery is thriving as it attracts flocks of dessert lovers.

Jesse says…

• Wear something light in terms of color and silhouette.

• Its interiors are literally like what you see on Pinterest, so there’s a lot of good backdrops to use! While you’re at it, take advantage of their rustic furniture.

• Their cake gallery is great for a photo, because it’s spacious and very well-lit.

• Work your angles. Some corners might be a little smaller, but with the right framing, your photo will look great.



On the constant lookout for things extraordinarily sweet, we come across this homegrown patisserie that is a result of a passion for baking and making memories.


Jesse says…

• The pool outside the restaurant is a great spot for an OOTD. Pose right on the edge because the water reflects the sunlight.

• Wear something comfy to coincide with the vibe of the place. It also helps to take inspiration from the cozy ensembles seen in Korean dramas, like oversized pullovers that you can pair with well-fitted cropped pants. Then you’re good to go!






Jan Rodriguez’s newest culinary adventure redefines the concept of a Weekend, with a capital W—a proper noun; not a time, but a place.

Sophia says…

• The second floor is prime space for some photo ops. Just make sure you find a spot with the right lighting.

• Its interiors feature concrete, wood and steel, so we recommend a look that features earth tones. Wear an outfit that takes reference from the industrial design, like this olive jumpsuit. You’ll fit right in!

• It may sometimes be too bright during daytime, so take photos at a 45-degree angle to minimize the light that come into your lens.






As one of the newest and most distinguishable spots in the city, The Pyramid is a culmination of international influences, both in the design and on the menu.

Jesse says…

• Take advantage of its modern architecture by showcasing the space’s sharp edges as a backdrop.

• Create an ensemble that’s a balance between modern and playful. Make sure to wear something on the darker side of the spectrum to contrast with the white walls.

• A no-fail OOTD spot? The corner beside the now-iconic angled class wall.

• There’s a lot of natural light that flows into the space, so make sure to take advantage!





What used to be just another hill has been transformed into Terrazas de Flores, where blooms are celebrated in one of the most lush spaces in the city.

Sophia says…

• Behind the cafe is an archway with vines and flowers, the perfect backdrop for a romantic photo.

• It’s also best to wear floral prints in a flowy silhouette to match with the vibe. It is a garden, after all. And don’t be afraid to wear bright colors so you become the visual focus of the photo.

• Try to take the photo from a lower angle, to make yourself look taller in comparison to the surrounding plants.



(Originally published on Zee Lifestyle August-September 2017 Fashion Issue. All photos by Jesse Jake Daan and Sophia Sanchez.)


Carlo Rivera
Carlo Rivera

Carlo Rivera is the Managing Editor of Zee Lifestyle Directory. He loves to eat, and travel more of Cebu. Follow his adventures and morbid #1amthoughts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @carlotherivera

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