Bram Laebens

The street style blog he manages together with his girlfriend. He made an entry on his blog entirely about the street fashion he witnessed during his 3-week stay in the Philippines.


“Because people are smaller, the first thing I notice is that women wear much higher heels than in Belgium. The highest stilettos with additional platform can be spotted everywhere. In addition, both men and women adore flash vibrant color and everything with ‘bling bling’. Imagine a lot of prints, studs and rhinestones. Fashion is in other words, much louder than in Belgium, where simplicity prevails with pale colors like gray, black and brown. Because of the warm climate, people don’t have the option to play around with layers. Here you have to create a stylish outfit with two garments, a top and a bottom piece. “


Aside from his skills in photography, photo-manipulation and videography, Bram is quite a talented beatboxer.


Age: 28
Provenance: Belgium

  • photographer Edd Buenaviaje
  • clothes Edwin Ao
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