The five Cebu delicacies you must take home

In order to make the best out of your Cebu trip, bring some of the experience back home. This is the definitive guide to delicacies from the Queen City.



These sweet and chewy fruit snacks are a favorite among Filipinos here and abroad. Cebu dried mangoes are parched under the perfect Cebuano weather which gives them a sweet and smooth texture. They also come in variety—strips, chunks, bits and even shaped like balls. There are many dried mango brands available in supermarkets.



Danggit is a small and thin sun-dried rabbitfish often called the poor man’s dish. This seafood delicacy is split opened, cleaned, salted and spread out in a dry rack. It is a breakfast food that is best paired with sunny side egg, rice and even atsara (unripe papaya pickle). For a great danggit experience, you must eat them with bare hands. Danggit is mostly available in Taboan Market.



Lechon is undeniably the center piece of Filipino events. It is crispy, juicy, incredibly appetizing and can also be spicy. What makes Cebu’s lechon the way it is, the secret is its stuffing, basting and way of cooking. It is filled with tanglad, onions, paminta, garlic and soy sauce. Lenchonderos then do basting using cold water sometimes in coconut water 30 minutes before roasting and cooking it over fire to crisp up the pig’s skin. We recommend Rico’s Lechon and House of Lechon.



Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 5.59.51 PM
Otap is an oval puff pastry that originated here in Cebu. It is a mixture of flour, coconut, shortening and is sprinkled with sugar. It has a flaky and brittle surface due to its two-way baking process: Baking the dough and topping it off with sugar, then repeat but cooking it a little bit over. So it is fragile to eat, but just make sure you eat it with a palm underneath your mouth. Get your fix of otap in leading grocery stores.



Chicharon is a well-loved finger food snack that is a staple among drinking crowds and is sold almost everywhere. Chicharon or sitsaron are fried pork rinds best paired with vinegar. There are two kinds—kubal (pure pork skin) and rinds with traces of meat. It is also used as toppings to native vegetable and noodle dishes. Chicharon can be brought in almost all nooks in Cebu but top of mind is Carcar. It is the home of the best chicharon and lechon is one stall away.

by Cloise Mae Abordo
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