Mia Arcenas

As the scion of the family behind Ferimar Import-Export Inc., the costume jewelry and handbag manufacturer established by her mother Iris, Mia Arcenas was introduced to the fashion industry at a very young age. It wasn’t at all surprising then that she decided to venture into the same field—after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, she moved back home to start her own line of distinctly sophisticated resortwear.

Of course, Mia’s the kind of person who certainly epitomizes her brand. With her bronzed skin, long hair and svelte physique, she definitely looks the part of a chic island girl who doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. In terms of what she wears, though, she’s found her taste evolving as the years go by. “I used to love prints, bright colors and just a bunch of accessories. Now however, I love solid-colored and quality pieces that I can mix and match with my army of shoes. My style is more put-together, feminine but edgy.” It also helps that she received sound advice when she was younger from someone who knew what she was talking about. “When I was about nine or ten, my mom always used to tell me, ‘build your closet; it’s about quality, not quantity.’ It is definitely important to invest on good pieces that will last years, instead of two to three washes.”

Someone who looks that fashionable might seem a bit unapproachable, but a short conversation with the bubbly young lady will set anyone who has qualms of meeting her immediately at ease. “I’m like a pair of comfortable high heels. Most people see me as intimidating, too high up there, when I’m really not.”

Perhaps it’s also Mia’s air of confidence that makes her immediately stand out, but that’s just from having the drive to get what she wants out of life. “Every experience has definitely been a learning curve to knowing what I really want in life. Traveling around the world, working for the family business, school, and all the other circumstances I’ve put myself into add up to realizing my wants and needs.” That’s included working on her brand and focusing on apparel and accessories for the resortwear market.

As for the rest of what’s to come, Mia is unapologetic about going after what she wants. “Nothing is set in stone, and you’ll just have to see what happens. But I’ve got high hopes and big dreams. They say big dreams take as much energy as small dreams, so why not go for the gold?”

  • Mia Arcenas launches her Spring-Summer 2014 collection in an exclusive affair on Friday, March 7.
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