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These two might have something brewing, but it’s definitely not trouble. From tabletops to countertops, Agnes Huettel and Loida Yu Montesclaros introduce us to their new event styling endeavor and show us why ‘Every Day’s A Party’.

We know that these women can party, but up till now, only their closest friends have experienced the whimsy of the stylized and well cooked intimate lunches and dinners thrown by this delightful duo.

Agnes Huettel, a devoted mother of two and wife of furniture designer Gregg, embodies the supermom archetype, an upgrade from the common suburban soccer mom with less frill and more thrill. She sends out Christmas treats that include a family portrait greeting card along with her sinfully decadent seven-layer cookie crumble, during the holidays. Agnes’ imagination is rampant with innovative themes and motifs. “Aside from the great food, we attend her parties to see what she will dream up next. She always keeps us guessing,” Tamsin Booth, a good friend and constant guest confessed during the interview.

Her dainty yet vivacious persona is paired with the urban edge and candor of her partner in crime, Loida Yu Mostesclaros. At a time when her daughter Nikki attended the Parson’s School of Design in Paris, Loida regularly frequented the City of Lights. With Nikki now at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona, Loida adds the Catalan as a stop among other fashion capitals like Hong Kong and  Seoul, where she procures stocks for her fashion forward boutique VIRUS. Loida’s personal style is neither loud nor quiet, but definitely makes a statement and is distinctly hers; a style that she applies beyond the realm of fashion, decorating the interiors of her own stores, and now your homes through soirées and socials.

Their experience stems from embellishing tables and decorating venues for her friends’ birthday brunches as favors. As the tasks numbered up to ump-teens, they decided to take it to the next level. Their new venture, Every Day’s A Party! (EDP), is an intimate event styling company that caters to a range of small events from cozy brunches and dinners to romantic dates, with a targeted cap of 20 people at an event. “It’s not as special when you reach over that 20 person mark, and the styling loses its personality,” Agnes tells us.

As a primary concern of any event, the duo works within a client’s budget utilizing what the client has in his or her home, including plants from their garden, but can also offer the use of their vast collection of cutlery and china befitting any theme. “We want the client to feel perfectly at home with each event a remarkable fête but at the same time maintain the client’s personal touch,” says Loida.

The food is specially prepared in EDP’s kitchen and the kitchens of Cebu’s finest households. “Our goal is to create all of the food within our customer’s home, as a home-cooked meal is always more warm and welcoming.” While most event companies aim for larger-than-life events, Agnes and Loida reveal their astral projections as more in the line of quality over quantity, like a deck party on a yacht or a date at a scenic location. In the meantime, Agnes and Loida move swiftly on their mission to glam up the city’s table settings, cause when things look this great, Every Day’s A Party!

  • by David Jones Cua
  • photography Dan Douglas Ong
  • hair and make up Romero Vergara
  • hair and make up assistant Jesse Egos 
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