Musician Tony Alfonso Talks About His Bad Habits

As the front man of pop-punk band Drop Decay, Tony Alfonso spent a good deal of his youth singing about his feelings in front of equally young audiences that could relate to what he was saying–and a number of girls who were captivated by his boyish good looks.

With the band members off to pursue their own personal careers, Tony had been working in advertising, when the desire to create new music beckoned. After almost a year of writing, producing, recording and polishing his new sound, he released Bad Habits to show Cebu he was back.


What made you decide to go back to music after your hiatus?

I had just realized I hit a creative plateau, and I could either choose to continue making music or just give it up entirely. There’s always been that need to say something worthwhile, so naturally I chose to just get better at music/songwriting.

How different is it to produce songs now as a solo artist as it was when you were in Drop Decay?

Production is really new to me, so for the past months it’s been like learning a bunch of new things everyday, knowing a bit more on how each instrument works in relation to the whole song, and things like that. Overall, it just helps me to be less passive about the whole process, since I have to handle everything now, from vocals to drums.

Your new song has a tropical house, more pop-ish vibe. What made you decide to go with that?

I like the whole big campy vibe the genre offers. Bad Habits may not be pure tropical house, since I took a lot of elements from my older influences, and a lot of pop songs, which is why I still think it’s a very genre-infused song, and not so much in the vein of typical tropical house. I don’t know, I have to figure out how the other songs are gonna sound.

Does this kind of reflect where you are in life right now?

Sort of. In a way, it’s about detaching from the things I grew up comfortable with that didn’t really do any good. In a way, though, this experimentation thing from rock singer to contemporary artist gives me hope that my adventure isn’t over just yet.

Shari Quimbo
Shari Quimbo

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