Museums and Galleries to Visit in Cebu

The Queen City of the South is a mirror of the past Spanish colonization. Take a stroll around the historically rich streets of downtown Cebu and appreciate the culture and beauty evident in the fusion of the place’s different architectural structures.

Museums Cebu

Yap-sandiego ancestral house

Just a few steps from Parian monument is the ancestral house of Yap-Sandiego family. Travel Back in time as you step inside the well-preserved colonial house made of coral stones and molave wood. This 342-year old house-turned-museum houses the family’s antique furniture, heirlooms and artifacts. The house is open from 9am to 6pm with an entrance fee of P50. Don’t forget to stroll around the mini garden to get a good feel of what the Spanish colonial era used to be.

Fort San Pedro

Fort San Pedro

The oldest and smallest fort in the country with a triangular shape. The Fuerza de San Pedro now known as Cebu Fort San Pedro used to be a military base with 14 cannons installed. The fort is currently turned into a museum operated by the government where early Spanish artifacts, documents, sculptures, weaponry, and even old photographs of Cebu are preserved. Enjoy the well-maintained inner garden as well as the rich history of this impressive landmark’s every nooks and crannies as you visit for a late afternoon picnic or group escapade.

museu sugbo

Museo Sugbo

Used to be known as the Old Provincial Jail, Museu Sugbo was developed to be the present informative site for history lovers. It has 13 galleries dedicated to the eras of Cebu’s history, it also houses some of the precious artifacts dating back before the arrival of the Spaniards even until the second World War. Visiting this Museum gives a first hand educational experience to Cebu’s rich and colorful history. 

casa gorordo

Casa Gorordo Museum

Another educational site is the Casa Gorordo, a well-maintained old colonial house.  With an entrance fee of 120 pesos you get to have a short tour of the whole house with a tour guide and watch some video and audio clips. They also provide a free drink, souvenirs and earphones after the visit. The Casa Gorordo does not only depict the Gorordo Family but also the role of Parian in early Cebu.

Cathedral Museum

Cathedral Museum of Cebu

Located just beside the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, the Cathedral Museum of Cebu is an ecclesiastical museum of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cebu. Housing antique items dating back from the 16th and 20th century, this museum is all about the history of Roman catholic church. Before this bahay-na-bato was transformed into a museum, it used to be a convent for the priest then it became a campus of the University of San Carlos.

Hazel Macuto
Hazel Macuto

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