Magic Touch: Healing Power of Efficascent Oil

The Philippines’ number one liniment oil has journeyed through 50 years, from a humble alternative herbal remedy that has gradually evolved into a trusted household name. A signature product of Cebu-grown company International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IPI), the success story of this wonder oil is proof that sometimes innovation can lead us back to finding value in the most basic functions we oftentimes take for granted, like our senses. In this case it’s the sense of touch—Efficascent Oil’s significant other and without which the liniment couldn’t have reached its full efficacy.

The inception of the country’s most trusted body relief home remedy is rooted right here in Cebu.

During the 1950’s the general public heavily relied and sought out manghihilot or native masseurs since health care fees and prescribed medicine were significantly beyond their spending capacity. The family of Castillo and Wong in Cebu was determined to propagate their credence in the importance of health and wellness through alternative medicine and came up with a liniment oil that would rival the bitter-smelling concoctions made from the extracts of exotic plants. A new, more pleasant-smelling liniment, with the addition of soothing eucalyptus oil, was produced. It was consistently potent and ensured efficacy with every drop. Efficascent Oil was born, a liniment formulated for fast relief of a myriad muscular pains like rheumatism, lumbago, arthritis, headache, gas pains, insect bites, minor bruises, and sprains.

For more than half a century, Efficascent Oil has always been a part of Filipino household, not just for its health benefits but above all, for the power of “touch.” Recent studies approved that the benefits of touch to a person’s health are unparalleled. Efficascent has consequently endured all odds in scientific and therapeutic justifications to bring about the strong healing image it has today.

The popularity of the Efficascent Oil touch can be accredited to the highly stressful conditions of contemporary living and a variety of harmful side effects of purported medicines today. Because of these factors, people are now progressively looking for holistic and natural health care methods for their ailing physical conditions. It is in this context that Efficascent Oil Massage Therapy has emerged as one of the mainly acknowledged forms of family health activity of our times. With the campaign, “Haplos, Haplos, Ayos!” Efficascent educates the masses with the notable benefits of touch therapy, offering complimentary massages, and giving away training and Efficascent Oil products to massage therapists.

A Cebuano brand that is number one in the country and is true to its mission of giving touch relief to every Filipino family, the products of Efficascent Oil are trusted by generations, tested through time.

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