Locales: Jen Sarmiento

We ask Jen Sarmiento about her favorite hot spots around the city, and why they think it’s the best on the island.

Jen Sarmiento, Founder and CEO of Beauty and Beyond Philippines
Jen Sarmiento, DJ and CEO of Beauty and Beyond Philippines


panorama tops
A view of Cebu from Tops

Out of all the places in Cebu, I would probably say that Tops is my all-time favorite spot. This place is not only romantic, but it is extremely overwhelming and relaxing as well. If you simply want to wander off and be somewhere out of the city, this would be the perfect spot. Not only do you get the cool refreshing wind sensation tingling down your spine, but you also get a breathtaking view of the city. The most ideal time to go here would be at night, where the area transforms into a real life planetarium. There were times in the past that I was even able to witness a meteor shower. Tops truly is an amazing spot worth visiting, taking into consideration that is just 30 minutes away from the city. Tops in one word is breathtaking.

  • Tops Lookout
  • Cebu Transcentral Highway,
  • Cebu City


Cowrie Cove
Cowrie Cove

Another favorite spot to hang out in a “chill” atmosphere would be the cowrie cove beach front. This is an ideal place to watch the sunset with your favorite people in the world. I’ve done this a lot and the feeling is fulfilling every time. Moreover, you get to enjoy their delicious cocktails and quick bites and you can have fun frolicking in the sand ’til night time.

  • Cowrie Cove at Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa
  • Punta Engano Road, Lapu Lapu City, Cebu


Jen with her family and friends at Oslob
Jen with her family and friends at Oslob

For nature lovers like me, Oslob is one of the spots I truly enjoy. In Oslob, I was able to experience swimming with the world’s largest fish. It is quite a remarkable experience for people who enjoy long drives and a mix of adventure. The icing on the cake would probably be the unforgettable whale shark or “butanding” in the local dialect.

  • Oslob Whaleshark Watching,
  • Natalio Bacalso, Tan-awan,
  • Oslob, Cebu

Edited from the published article Locales in Zee Lifestyle Directory April 2014 Vol 5 No. 3

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