Lifestyles of the Rich and Indebted

And so we all know someone like him, Mr. Party Animal, the cool guy who always buys you a drink, has a table in the VIP section, the sexy car parked out front. Drinks champagne with the posse at four in the afternoon, never really seems to work. And you think it must be a charmed life.

Or that woman who attends every party, decked out in designer duds from head to toe. Limited edition Chanel, black American Express Card. red carpet ready, always.

Now what we don’t know is, Mr. Party Animal has signing privileges at that bar but hasn’t paid his bill in months. He’s at that bar because he hasn’t paid his bill at the other happening place. And that car, that’s been mortgaged.

That stylish chick, has nothing in her wallet, save for the credit card which is maxxed out. Its all a mirage honey.

Its about keeping up with the Joneses, despite the steep price one has to pay. We all know someone or the other who seems to have it all but in reality is heavily in debt. It always amazes me that some people can sleep at night but owe money. Or drive a Ferrari but the employees haven’t been paid for 6 months.

I would rather lay low but not owe. . .

by: JT

Zee Lifestyle
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