How Light Gives a Brighter Future for the Philippines

Taking inspiration from a photo, that went viral on social media, of a 9-year-old boy studying by the light outside a fast food chain, JCI Cebu Inc. starts a campaign addressing this problem from far-flung household communities.

That photo has caught public’s attention, and thus making the rest of the country saw that there are still families living not guaranteed with an access to energy.

Started off the campaign with Light Up Cebu, a number of families from distant communities benefit from this initiative, relying mainly on the power of renewable source of energy.

FROM LEFT JCI Sen. Kenneth Kabingue, JCI Philippines National President Hegem Furigay, CTU Director for Climate Change Communications and Solution Prof. Mai Kabingue, JCI Cebu President Ian Anthony, Osmeña, Engr. Jimmy Lasaca of Sunmagnet Philippines Corporation, JCI Philippines NEVP Ken Ngo, Light Up Philippines National Chairman Joeven Lee and Climate Reality Project Philippines Manager Rodne Galicha. (Photo from JCI Cebu)

In a study conducted by Philippine Institute for Development Studies last 2013, about 16 million Filipinos, still have no access to electricity. These places are predominantly located in the island and mountain barangays which most power providers hardly can reach.

With JCI Cebu at the helm since 2015, they have been distributing solar kits to families of young indigent students who lack any light in their homes with a primary aim of providing these students with light through solar power without any cost on their part.

Two years later, the campaign widens its horizons to the whole country with the launch of Light Up Philippines in Cebu on Friday, June 16.

Launching Light Up Philippines. From LEFT Engr. Jimmy Lasaca of Sunmagnet Philippines Corporation, Light Up Philippines National Chairman Joeven Lee, Climate Reality Project Philippines Manager Rodne Galicha, CTU Director for Climate Change Communications and Solution Prof. Mai Kabingue and Brgy. Toong Councilor Melvin Bacalso. (Photo from JCI Cebu)

With the goal in providing students from far-flung communities to have light when they study over the night, JCI Cebu, with its partners, distributed 100 solar kits to these families, benefited at least 500 students to further excel in their studies.

Mountain barangays in Cebu City like Toong, Buhisan and Labangon, island barangays in Mactan and Sta. Fe town in Bantayan are among the places they have been handing over light onto.

Gearing it up through Light Up Philippines, the goal is to light up 20,000 household and benefit 25,000 families and 100,000 children, leading up that access to energy is an important factor in fighting against poverty.

The said commitment is in line with Light Up Philippines advocating United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals in transforming the world by 2030 by doing sustainable projects that will help empower communities like “Lighting Up the Philippines one household at a time.” Underlining their five advocacies in this drive to fight against poverty by giving energy, the group pushes for quality education for all, an affordable and clean energy ensuring access to these, taking urgent action to combat the severely change of climate, promoting just and peace societies and revitalizing global partnership for sustainable development.

The JCI-Cebu’s brainchild initiative is recognized as the recipient of the “Luntiang Kausaban Award” held at the Senate of the Philippines recently through the 2017 Climate Reality Leadership Awards.

With JCI believing that service to humanity is best work of life, Light Up Philippines opened itself for possible collaborations and partnerships with other institution that also topflight the same cause and advocacy. 

  • For inquires, one may contact JCI Member Joven Lee, National Chairman, Light Up Philippines at or at 63922-820-9430.
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