Here’s Why You Should be Listening to the Band Honeydrop

After almost seven years since taking off as a band, Honey drop is going stronger than ever. Recently dropping their second album, EP “Signs”, the Cebu based indie band is unstoppable. Founded on September 8, 2010, with members Debbie Acebu on vocals, Karl Lucente on guitars and back-up vocals, Tram Florido on guitars and back-up vocals, Jud Sala on bass, and Jeriel Laraño on drums.

Making waves across the country, the Cebu Pride had been an inspiration to the Cebuano artists who are in awe of their music.

When asked what fueled their interest to assemble a band, “We’re such huge fans of the Cebuano rock scene e.i. Urbandub, Faspitch, Sheila and the Insects, Frank, The Ambassadors, Missing Filemon and a lot more. At first, we wanted to sound like our heroes but we ended up searching for a new sound that we want to contribute.” Answered Karl Lucente. Which surely worked out to their advantage. The serene, melancholic, and post rock genre established the unique identity for the band.

What is the origin of the band name?

Debb: The band wanted to have a sweet-sounding yet aggressive approach

Jud: we just wanted the band name to sound unique and fresh and easily be remembered.

What are the inspiration behind your music?

Debb: Getting inspired by our life’s experiences or the experiences of others with common themes such as loss, frustration, fulfillment and the most cliché yet powerful theme of all, love.

Karl: Love. Love for work, Love for food, Love for Earth and everything about Love.

Jud: for me, the inspiration behind the music for Honeydrop is the fact the we just want to create good music that lasts for a lifetime.

After 7 years, how did the band grew to what it is now?

Debb: I guess it’s safe to say that we have learned from our experiences hence making ourselves more mature, not only in terms of the music that we are making, but as individuals too. We also took advantage of the opportunities that were laid in front of us but with more caution now (base from past experiences). We learned to be more patient and passionate along the process and just enjoyed the momentum. Attitude is also important. Also, we have to be friends with the people in the scene because there is no way but up and you need each other to go up.

According to the members, Schedule, funds, and the minimal support for the local music are the predominant struggles of the band.

What is the latest album about? What is the story behind and how does it differ to the Prelude album?

Debb: As much as I wanted to say that there is a story in between songs to complete the album, I’d be inclined to generally say that it’s about maturity; maturity in its listening experience, the technicality and musicality of each song combined and the maturity to journey a path that has ups and downs yet getting by with loads of learning in the long run.

So far what had been the pinnacle of your music career?

Karl: Releasing a record is already a done deal for me.

Debb: Personally, just making it to a person’s music collection is already great.

Jud: Personally, when we played in different parts of the country and knowing that people there know our music. Also, when we had our album launch in Manila.

Any future collaborations with other bands?
Debb: None so far but we can consider that. That would be exciting! 
Jud: We’re open to that idea. No specific artists yet, although we have a couple of artists in
mind.hopefully it’ll push through. (We’re just waiting for the go signal of our manager Trena

What are your hopes and aspirations for the local music scene?

Jud: Hope the music scene in Cebu will continue to prosper. The music scene right now is alive and kicking. They just need a little support from the listeners and more collaboration with other prods (set aside pride) to make the scene bigger. Also, hope more venues will start to support local music.

Where do you see the Bisaya music scene six years from now?

Debb: I’m positive that it shall continue breaking barriers because some artists have already created groundbreaking results for the language, per se, to be used a lyric in a song and incorporate progressive genres that are vibrant and pleasing to the ear. It also helps that people in the capital do their part in spreading the Bisaya music across the country.

Jud: Hopefully, already at par with the national and international music scene.


What is your message to the other aspiring local indie bands who wants to make it big in the local and national music scene?

Debb: Just be patient. Things will eventually unfold but you have to really really work hard. I still can’t say that we have already made it big – BIG, but in our case, maybe enjoying what we’re doing and honing our music, actually did the work. Set some goals—achievable and realistic goals, so you could be motivated to tick off that next thing on your list knowing that you have already finished a few things along the way. Lastly, don’t be an asshole. 

Jud: Just continue to do what you love (playing and create music). Just have fun. No pressure. Share your music. Eventually, everything will fall into place. Just don’t be in a hurry.

What is your favorite go-to tambayan?

Karl: My favorite tambayan is at 6Twelve Indie.

Band: We usually hangout at the Gospel House (studio) cos that’s our go-to place whenever we want to meet up but mostly for rehearsals. After which, we might eat out at a nearby fast food cos most of us don’t drink (hehe).

Debb: At home. Or in Ayala, watching a movie or eating outing at a nearby Korean resto with friends.

Jud: Handuraw (any branch), the gospel house studios or any venue that promotes local music.

What’s next for Honeydrop?

Debb: Since the release, we have already been thinking of collaborating with some friends for some merchandise and other exciting stuff. We are also at the point in our lives where we are still embracing our tiny victories and celebrating the hard work we have been through. After which, we might get back to the studio to finish some songs and pick up from where we left them off so we could create new material, but we’re doing that at our own pace

Be sure to watch out for this awesome band and support their music by purchasing their album and be on the look out for their scheduled gigs.

Hazel Macuto
Hazel Macuto

Hazel Macuto is the Editorial Assistant of Zee Lifestyle. She spends most of her free time playing with her dachshund named Waffle or painting any available blank canvas. Follow her postings about art on Instagram @hazelninna

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