Here’s Where Your Next Shawarma Food Trip Should Be

While Cebu has become a diverse place for food and dining choices, shawarma is probably one of the meals that many people crave for. Of course, the recognizable turning of meat is no stranger to Filipinos; in fact, a lot of food stands sell the delicious dish, in which some even have their own spin to it.  

But if you’d like to experience the Levantine dish the way it should be, Shawarma Gourmet is the perfect place to get it. The restaurant’s interior design gives you the Lebanese feel; the walls are filled with Arabian patterns, complemented by the music. The most promising of all would be, of course, the menu.   

Chef Mansour Houran has been in Cebu for almost six years and has been cooking for Shawarma Gourmet for two years since its establishment in Cebu. 

They serve beef or chicken, with the menu allowing you to choose from their variety of spices. Some of the ingredients are imported from India and the Middle East, which is why the restaurant is known as a legit source of getting shawarma. 

On the menu are: shawarma wrapped in fresh pita bread, shawarma platter with fries, beef or chicken shawarma with rice, hummus, pita chips with dip, falafel with tahini or garlic sauce and a whole lot of fresh vegetables.

Head down to Shawarma Gourmet to get a bite of their delicious gourmet—you’ll have an authentic Lebanese feast, indeed.

Kyla Estoya
Kyla Estoya

Kyla Estoya is Zee Lifestyle's Editorial Assistant. She's usually throwing away confetti, binge watching sitcoms or listening to The Beatles in her free time. Follow her colorful 70s-ish life on Instagram: @qillerkueen

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