A Glimpse of an Art Exhibit in Montebello Villa Hotel

Let’s face it, the excitement you feel when you see someone you haven’t spend time with in a long time is satisfying. You get all hyper or even all giddy about them; knowing how they’ve been and exchanging life stories with each other– it almost makes you want to do something amazing (if not crazy) together. And that’s exactly what alumni of Fine Arts students from University of the Philippines Cebu did.

The group reunited to showcase their art pieces in Montebello Villa Hotel. These artists are multi-awarded and the exhibit, dubbed as Aninaw” (Glimpse) depict social realism, day-to-day lives and local scenes  in various media and style such as classical, abstract and modern art.

For art enthusiasts and lovers, the exhibit is officially opened and will end on the January 27, 2018.  According to the artists, the goal of the exhibit is to share the different perspectives of their works to the crowd. In fact, once you enter the room, you can already notice the various and contrasting works. 

There are 15 Cebuano artists involved in Aminaw including Alexander Gocotano, Bernardo Hermoso, Boyet Auditor, Brendon Baclaan, Emmanuel Iradel, J Robert Olvido, Jeffrey Sarita, Jonathan Enad, Joseph Luna, Lino Venzal, Pepe Declaro, Pierre Famador II, Rainvelle Gemperoa, Sam Ryan Abenoja and Sergito Pautan.

Artworks  from these artists are dated from 1998 to 2018. Aminaw encourages and support local Cebuano artists to continue to create and share their talent in arts even though they are pursuing other careers, hence keeping the appreciation of local Cebuano Art alive. 

“I want to tell other aspiring artists to never be discouraged. If you have passion for art and that makes you happy– then never stop”, one of the artists, Lino Venzal implied.

Surely the artists who are part of this event had never stopped dedicating their lives for art. It can be seen through their works, how they evolved and changed over time. 

Kyla Estoya
Kyla Estoya

Kyla Estoya is Zee Lifestyle's Editorial Assistant. She's usually throwing away confetti, binge watching sitcoms or listening to The Beatles in her free time. Follow her colorful 70s-ish life on Instagram: @qillerkueen

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