Here Are Three of Our Favourite Songs by Bethany


Alternative rock band, Bethany, is a well-known name in Cebu’s music scene. They’ve been in the industry for nearly ten years now, having formed the band in 2008 by brothers Luis Quibranza III, Angelo Quibranza, and Paolo Quibranza. Joined by Ezekiel Sullano, Bethany proves itself to be a band that captivates people with their melodic sound and lyrics that their audience can relate to.

The band plans to drop their next album in February of next year and we’re psyched for it. In fact, we got a sneak peek at their first single off the album, and a quick talk with the band on their Cebu favorites and what we can expect.

While we wait for it, though, here are our three favourite songs from Bethany:


Released as a single in 2014, ‘Illusion’ is a fast-paced song that laments the idea of loving what we can’t have. 


Anywhere But Here

Revolving around the theme of learning from hardships and failures, ‘Anywhere But Here’ urges people to keep going despite them. 



Straight from their debut album titled Fantasy Fool, ‘You’ is a mellow song that tells the story of longing for someone with whom you have parted ways with. The music video for this song was released just this year, so check it out below:

Gia Mayola
Gia Mayola

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