What to Get on Your Next Manicure at Nail Play and Beauty Lounge

Along the busy streets of Banilad and tucked in the corner of Maria Luisa Road, a particular nail salon rings ears among the beauty aficionados in the neighborhood. Its alluring demeanor begets a flush of elegance and class. Offering various services to cater every girl’s need, we break down the must try’s at Nail Play and Beauty Lounge.

  1. Matte Coat

    We love a good coat of glossy polishes. But from time to time, a change is preferred. Apart from the gloss, Nail Play and Beauty Lounge offers matte polishes as well – yes, for any color you like! 

  2. Skilled Nail Technician

    You walk into a salon with great hopes to come out relaxed and satisfied. More often than not, this isn’t the case. But at Nail Play, however, aside from receiving proper training, nail technicians are mandated to keep the area and tools clean at all costs and perform at its best.

  3. Variety of Polish Colors

    A lot of factors determine the colof of choice – skintone, season, career. Which is why they make sure to have every color of every finish – glitter or matte, nudes or brights, for every woman. 

  4. Yellow Nail Treatment

    After weeks-long wear of nail polishes, our nails can suffer from discoloration. 

  5. Cracked Nails Treatment

    May it be the lack of calcium or the repeated exposure to moisture (eg. constant washing of hands), splitting nails is a big, annoying issue. 

  6. Imported Gel Nail Polishes

    Gone are the days of chipped polished a minute after leaving the nail salon. This is what gel manicures are for. Walk out of the salon worry-free and have long lasting nail polish.

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