How to Get Your Best Brows Ever

On fleek! There’s a reason the eyebrows are the only facial feature that has merited its own slang in today’s “meme culture.” Whether you’re a beauty beginner or a total makeup fiend, you can’t deny that a well-shaped, perfectly groomed brow does wonders for your face.

A beauty line that packs a lot of personality, Benefit Cosmetics understands the importance of a pretty brow—their extensive Brow Collection has everything from a conditioning primer to a wand that gives your brows a subtle highlight. The brand recently brought in their National Brow Artist for the Philippines (yes, that is how seriously they eyebrows) Celina Fernandez to give brow wax and styling tutorials at their SM Seaside City store.

As someone who’s been doing eyebrows—and pretty perfect ones, too—since 2012, Celina knows what she’s talking about. Here are a few things we learned from her and a couple of tips so that you too can greet everyday with the best brows ever.

National Brow Artist for the Philippines Celina Fernandez has been with Benefit since 2012, and regularly attends international training sessions and workshops with other Benefit artists.

Brow waxing doesn’t hurt, if you do it right

A traumatic waxing experience had turned me off to the procedure, and Celina was eager to change my mind. She asks if I’d been using any topical treatments or had recently exfoliated. This way, she could predict how my skin would react to the wax. “Some places offer eyebrow waxing, but they just do it without really understanding the procedure,” she explains. “We make sure to tell the clients what to expect.”

Use the right wax

Benefit brow artists use a specific kind of wax that’s specially created for the face and bikini area, which means it’s gentler that what would normally be used on legs or underarms. The pearlescent formula is part of Benefit’s international standard, along with their waxing strips, tweezers and other tools.

The specially formulated wax is made for sensitive areas of the body, such as the face and bikini area.

Go from dark to light

“The usual mistake, especially with Asian women, is that they use a light pencil for the brows. That just makes you look washed out,” Celina explains. A darker brow (make sure you use light strokes to mimic hair strands) makes you look younger. Also, the general rule is that it goes from dark at the end and through the arch. The brow should get lighter as it gets closer to the center of the face.

Map it out

To find out the brow shape is the best for your face, bring some geometry into the mix. A straight line from the dimple of your nose should be where the brow starts. The nose through the outer corner of your pupil is where the arch should be. The outer corner of the nose through the corner of the eye is where the brow should end.

Here's a quick guide to mapping out your brows.
Here’s a quick guide to mapping out your brows.

Give it a little highlight

If you want to add a bright touch, use the 3D BROWtones eyebrow enhancer for a subtle highlight.

The Brow Collection from Benefit Cosmetics includes a wide range of products that cater to every brow need, from an easy-to-use pencil that mimics real hair strands to an eyebrow primer that conditions hair and promotes growth.
The Brow Collection from Benefit Cosmetics includes a wide range of products that cater to every brow need.
Shari Quimbo
Shari Quimbo

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