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What’s your ideal type? For this year’s Most Wanted Bachelors List, Zee Lifestyle finds five men who are the stuff dreams are made of. Hailing from all over the world, they now call Cebu home. It’s a showcase of smoldering gazes, half smiles and captivating accents—and who’s complaining? Certainly not us.

My dream girls is CRAZYADRIEN GUERREY, 26

In the two years that he’s lived in Cebu, this shy Brittany native takes a big bite out of life travelling around the country, learning new languages, making music and performing with his punk bands Rouge Tampax and The Penalties at the Peace Bar on weekend nights, and,of course, looking for that someone special. Adrien had decided to move to Cebu after visiting a friend who worked for Alliance Francaise, and worked at Macaron Tango Café before his current job as the head chef for La Maison Rose. On the dating front, however, he admits he’s yet to go on a crazy date, good or bad, that would be one for the books, but that might also be because he already knows what he wants—someone with a strong character, a radiant smile with a nice set of teeth and, something he admits with no hesitation, “a
nice butt!”.

Romantic or pragmatic? The French have romance in their blood. Joking aside though, I am both romantic and practical. It depends on the girl.

Habits you have that might take getting used to: I have the tendency to get too engrossed in my work that it takes me to long to reply to messages or pick up phone calls. Some girls don’t like that.

Pet peeves: I can’t stand anyone who has a bad attitude towards other people, as well as know-it-alls and pretentious girls.

Can most likely be seen at: Cooking at La Maison Rose, playing music at Peace Bar, and hanging out at Outpost, Tree Lounge, or even Mango sometimes for clubbing.


Just when you think he’s heavily flirting with you, or with everyone, think again: he’s Spanish—he’s just very naturally affectionate. Born and raised in Barcelona, Joel’s accent is thick and sexy, something he’s working hard to improve on as the next IELTS exams draw closer and he’s trying to secure a “skills visa.” An architect by profession, he drums up the next hot resort in Bohol, Boracay or Palawan at Gallego Architects; but by night, he’s Scrapyard Lounge’s resident DJ. “Cebu has a similar atmosphere with Barcelona,” he says, justifying why he feels so at home here. “It is a beach city and people enjoy the laidback life.”

Romantic or pragmatic: I’m romantic in most intimate moments, but I am not as sweet as a teddy bear every second.

Craziest date you’ve ever been on: It was more awkward. I dated a girl in Barcelona a while back, and over dinner she didn’t talk much at all, just answering me with a “yes” or “no.” It was very uncomfortable. When I arrived home, she sent me a really long message about her feelings, her dreams, our dinner—an amazing essay. She could be a great writer, but the date was over.

How important is “physical beauty” to you? I admit it is important to a certain point, but of course, looks are all but temporary. What eventually matters are your experiences together. Someone being uninteresting is far worse than not having the perfect body.

What a woman might want: I enjoy cooking, especially for a woman I’m into. It’s not just men whose hearts are won through their stomachs. I know women really love a man who can be their own personal chef.

My dream girl is SPONTANEOUS JESSE ELLIS, 29

“I’ve spent the last ten years travelling and would like to settle down,” said this cheerful Canadian, but he can’t help that his positive disposition and ambition has brought him places, including Cebu, where he came to expand his online business MyCheapWeek.com. He admits, though, that it’s high time to pour more resources into finding the one. His attention to detail and desire to always keep a girl happy is constantly put to the test, being an uncle to six nieces, and he is confident he won’t fail in this regard. As for his business, MyCheapWeek. com specializes in selling vacation rental weeks at discounts up to 75% less than Expedia or Orbitz, and Jesse has an entrepreneurial drive and desire to get ahead that keeps him on his toes. All that’s left now is finding someone to share the adventure with.

Romantic or pragmatic? I guess I would say I am romantic, but in a spontaneous and perhaps even goofy way.

Best dating lesson you’ve learned: Don’t get drunk before your date or make sure they are first because that way you can keep your charm.

Habits you have that might need adjusting to: Being self-employed, I need to go to bed and wake up earlier, and spread myself a bit thin most times. I am also a bit of a scatterbrain.

Can most often be seen at: During the work week, I am in IT Park, and during the weekend, I’m usually at Tree Lounge or Distillery—and if it’s a really late night, at Mango. When I get friends organized, I enjoy going to the beach or going boating.

My dream girl is WILDFIRAAS BAASSIRI, 32

“I can’t pick just one; I love everything about women,” says Firas when asked about the part of a woman’s body that entices him the most. The Istanbul native, like his country of origin, exudes a beguiling aura that keeps people on their toes—with brooding eyes and a secretive smile that suggests surprises await when in his company. With a strong appetite for life, Firas loves to cook, engages in various fitness activities like extreme sports and martial arts, and encourages people to develop a healthier eating lifestyle. He does so as the chef and proprietor of Vegan’s Guild, a food kiosk set up every Saturday at the Banilad Town Center. Find out more about his passion for health and longevity on www.facebook.com/vegansguild.

A habit of yours that might need adjusting to: I’m quite frank. I feel the need to always say what’s on my mind regardless of who I’m talking to. Some people with that, but some people, especially here, might find it a little rude.

Best dating advice you’ve heard: Pay attention to details and small things that might seem trivial or insignificant, because the little things can matter the world to women.

Best dating lesson you’ve learned: It’s important not to rush into things because what’s meant to happen will happen.

How important is “physical beauty” to you? I’d say it is important but at the end of the day, it’s the chemistry that you have with your partner that matters most—and chemistry goes far beyond how attracted you are to one another personally.


The French-Spanish David has been in Cebu for barely a year, but he’s gone on more bad, awkward and fake coffee and movie dates than he can care to count. But he keeps on, wanting to find that one special girl while keeping a positive outlook—“If they didn’t happen, I might just be a boring person with a dull life.” He’s adventurous, enjoys travel, learning new cultures and languages, and does a lot of sports while he’s not working as the marketing manager for Arcanys, a software development outsourcing company. “After all I have been through, I believe I am still a romantic—I left my country, my comfort zone, to be with someone here.” It didn’t work out, but he’s here and determined to make the most of it.

What a woman might want: I’m very caring and I cook. And I’m independent—I can take care of myself and my girl. If a woman wanted to have to take care of someone, she’d have a baby, but I am here to be her man. I am also confident, so I’m not the jealous type who tries to sneak into her phone or Facebook.

Craziest dating experience: It’s really disappointing to meet someone who is a total poser, but as far as posers go, I met someone online and agreed to meet. Not only did she turn out to be a he, but he was also unruly, despicable, extremely picky and so full of himself.

Best relationship advice you’ve heard: Don’t plan things too much. There is no real science to relationships. And do not impose. People want a relationship, not a dictatorship.

Best dating advice to give: Just go for it. You never know what will come out of a simple date. Also, being rejected is not the end of the world. Life goes on and so does love.

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