Discovering A New Set of Cebuano Artists

From the looks of it, a lot art related events are prospering for the next couple of months until the end of the year. This 2018 is starting out great for most of the Cebuano artists– may it be in visual  art, music, film, etc.  Some of them are even leveling up by putting their name in the national scene. While others, are yet to be discovered and is starting their own campaign to be known.
February is National Arts Month and a small group of  visual artists got together to share their brand of art style and showcase them for free. Their mini gallery is in Bintana Coffee House and it’s open for the public from 11am to 9pm daily.
Abstract Horse, Bisai
The official curator of the event is apparently one of the participating painters. Bisai, who has been working in the art industry for more than years now was excited when the event finally pushed through. “We are elated to share our humble artworks as well as to celebrate a very promising year of the art”, she claimed.
Entirely, for the artists, they stressed that art has turned their lives to a more positive and more beautiful light with every masterpiece they create. “We are grateful that our society and the community at large are receptive of local artists and their efforts to promote beauty through art. It is the essence of our humble contribution as Filipino artists.”, Bisai said while officially opening the exhibit.
At The Dock, Ed Sulana Jr
The exhibit is branded as Discover Cebu Art where you can see the many facets of Cebuano artistry from the subconscious mind and hands of these painters. Mediums used in their works are watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, graphite or mixed media.

Chillin in the Wild West, Jam Ida

The group includes Mai Secuban, Alyssa Christine Tecson, Jam Ida, Jenny Miala, Rhea Climaco, Jun Dale Bebita, Dexter Betantos, Thon Septimo, Eduardo Solana Jr., Tim Arrabis, Ryan Cabanlit and Bisai.

Whang Oud, Alvin Antulihao
The show is supported and assisted by, a growing art community in Cebu that supports artists and creatives in their launches and exhibitions to expose more visual and performing art talents to a greater audience. 
Bintana Coffee House, Elizabeth Pond Street, Cebu City
Featured photo: Mai Secuban / Medium: Coffee painting
Kyla Estoya
Kyla Estoya

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