Why Cebu Is The Best According to Generation Next

Fresh-faced and full of personality, this new crop of Cebuanos are our picks for who we should keep our eyes on next. Here’s where they share the reasons why Cebu is the place to live.

Madeleine Siewert, 19

Psychology student at Cebu Doctors University
Daughter of Jocelyn Lauer and Horst Siewert

It would be that everyone knows everyone, and there would never be a day where there’s nothing to do. Cebu always seems so alive to me, and really makes me feel at home. The island life is something that has fascinated me and I’m glad I chose to live and go to college here.”







BS Biology student at Cebu Doctors University
Son of Johnvic and Tricia Gullas

“For me, the best part about living in Cebu is that all our locations are close to each other. Our mountains, buildings and beaches are practically right beside each other, so whether you decide to go hiking or sightseeing, shopping and scuba-diving, or boating, Cebu’s got you.”





Julia Kristiana Pastrano, 20

Communications Assistant, and
Events Coordinator for Coffee Prince
Daughter of Dave and Mayette Pastrano

Cebu has everything—beautiful beaches; a lot of adventure spots (waterfalls, trekking, camping); spots in the mountain just to chill out with friends and unwind; and the city has everything from shopping, drinks, amazing food and so much more.”










Sales and marketing for R&M Preserves
Son of Erwin and Frances Siao

“Cebu, being the small town that it is, never fails to make you feel at home. It’s a calm place because Cebuanos are warm people. Even if I do have plans to try living somewhere abroad, I know I’ll never feel at home like I do here.”










Managing director of Mr. A Bar & Restaurant, Mr. A Cafe, and Mr. A Pizzeria
Son of Alvin and Mimi Alazas

“Cebu will always be home, and I don’t think there’s anything better than living in your hometown. It’s where I grew up, and it’s where family and friends are.”












M.A.C. model and Nursing student
at Cebu Doctors University
Daughter of Johnvic and Tricia Gullas

“Definitely the proximity of everything. Since it’s such a small city, all the places are just a short distance from each other.”











Club DJ and model
Daughter of Tommy Ho and Cherry Padica

The best part of Cebu is the strong and beautiful Cebuanos, the close-knit community that I am part of. And also the beautiful islands and beaches that are close to the city.”











HR Assistant at a property development company
Daughter of Erwin and Frances Siao

“Honestly I think it’s the fact that this city is so well-balanced—we’re a few minutes away from everything in the city (disregarding traffic), and about 30 minutes away from the mountains and beaches. It’s the ideal urban-rural mix.”


General Business Studies student at CIE
Son of James and Rachel Roberts

Other than the obvious abundance of hospitality, I feel the best thing in Cebu is the variety of views and locations you can visit in a relatively short time, that makes you feel like you’ve arrived at an entirely new foreign land.”









Fresh graduate from the Philippine School of Interior Design
Daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann Yu

“Cebu is home and it is very dear to me. I absolutely love the laid back vibe that it gives off. Beautiful beaches and islands are nearby, mountains with stunning views are just a few minutes drive away. Plus, the food is great and the people are amazing!”








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