Bon Voyage Delphine DeLorme

As the French artist moves to Myanmar, she leaves Cebu and looks forward to making her presence felt in the international art scene.

There’s actually an interesting anecdote as to how Delphine Delorme ended up in Cebu. She and her family had been looking into neighboring provinces, loving the weather and tropical appeal but still wanted a good international community nearby. When they’d found themselves visiting Cebu, they found a place that perfectly balanced what they were looking for.

Since then, Delphine has made a name for herself with her collection of pop-art mixed media artwork, colorful twists to classic furniture shapes, and the various dining establishments where she had a hand at creating the interiors.

Now seven years later, she sets sail for another tropical locale—the culturally rich and exotic Myanmar. “My husband has been working there for two years. At first, he was coming back and forth, and I was waiting for him—painting, which became like my lover. And now he’s working more and more, so we decided to stay there,” she says, before joking, “I don’t have a choice.”

The move also comes at an exciting time in her career, when galleries in Hong Kong and Singapore have been expressing interest in displaying her artwork. “Now I have an agent, which is wonderful for me,” she admits, enjoying not having to worry about shipping bills, and answering emails and phone calls. “She does all the logistics and I just have to paint.”

The agent she’s referring to is Virginie Senftle, who has many plans in place for getting Delphine more international recognition—although Cebuanos may still get some special treatment. “Many of the artwork here now will be shipped to Hong Kong and Singapore soon,” she said during Delphine’s farewell exhibit at the Henry Hotel. “Right now, Cebuanos can get them for a very low price, before they double when they reach the art galleries.” Some pieces, though, will remain in Cebu for the time being, giving locals a chance to have their own Delphine Delorme.

In any case, Delphine Delorme is leaving Cebu for a new adventure. “I am excited because it’s new, and I really love new events. I become bored after a few years, so apparently every seven years I move,” she jokes. But she admits, she isn’t leaving Cebu empty-handed, especially considering the memories of days spent lazing on a boat while sailing to the nearby sandbars. “I am taking with me a lot of love, and a lot of happiness from all the Filipinos I met.”

  • by Shari Quimbo
  • photography ADRIAN YU
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