Best Mall Playrooms and Playgrounds in the City

Nothing that can compare to the happiness a child can bring to its parent. In return, parents want to shower their precious little ones as much happiness they can give. Children’s definition of happiness is simple — their parent’s time, attention, and of course something to play with. Speaking of something to play with, remember the feeling of playing in the sea of plastic balls? jumping in the trampoline, running around the rubber foams with your new found friends? Those playtimes are part of our warm memories during childhood and something we know the little ones will be more than thrilled to experience. Fortunately with the growing number of malls in Cebu is also the growing number of playrooms and playgrounds that can accommodate children’s playtime.


Here are some Playrooms and Playgrounds in Cebu which boasts their own version of haven for toddlers.

Kids Planet

Playroom Cebu

 Upper Ground Level of J Centre Mall, A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City

Awarded by Sunstar’s best of Cebu 2013 is J Centre mall’s Kids planet. With trampoline, ball pool, adventure slides, mini zipline, and fun tunnels as some of the many features this playground has to offer, it is without a doubt this became an instant favorite among children. A refreshment bar is also available for  toddlers and their companions when they need a little break from playtime. Kids planet also offers party and group packages. Their attentive staff will make sure that your visit here with the kids will be the highlight of the day. 



Playroom Cebu

SM Seaside City Cebu

SM Seaside introduces the first ever Sky Park with two versions — The WaterPlay and the SkyPlay. Designed for kids who loves playing outdoors, Water Play is the very first ever wet children’s playground in Cebu. A combination of playground and waterpark  perfect during hot summer season. The other part of the playground is the Skyplay which was design by none other than the talented designer Kenneth Cobonpue. Skyplace is the dry version of the playground equipped with swings, balance beam, slides, and monkey bars.



SM Seaside City Cebu, Ayala Center Cebu, Robinsons Galleria Cebu

Another playroom is the Kidzoona, which recently opened in the Ayala Center and has branches on most major malls in Cebu. The perfect place to let your kids enjoy to their hearts content. This Playroom is famous for its wide variety of learning tools and toys for toddlers. Your Kids will surely love role playing with their different stalls for a fun pretend play. They can be Doctors, Chefs, Pizza Maker, and anything else. They can also swim in the wide pool of balls together with other kids. This fun filled indoor playground is a safe environment to play that will put parents at ease.


Kevin’s Toys and Library 

Playroom Cebu

Sm City Cebu

Kevin’s Toys and Libraries is an instant wonderland for kids. The place may not be as bis as other playrooms but they sure know how to pack it with toys, and anything a child can play with. Just looking at the vibrant combination of colors yellow and red already activates a child’s mood for fun and games. The Playroom is designed like a combination of a castle and a ship, and is furnished with stuff toys, children’s book, and even with little obstacle courses for your kids (don’t worry, they are safe plus their child-friendly and well trained staff is ever present to assist the children). 


Playground by Havaianas

Playroom Cebu

Ayala Center Cebu

Kids will surely have a blast running around the wide grass lawn and playing at the Ayala Centre Cebu’s newest attraction — the Havaianas Playground. A traditional playground with a twist, made more fun with the painted kiddie colors. Don’t forget to bring towels and water for when the kids are sweaty and thirsty from all the playing.

Hazel Macuto
Hazel Macuto

Hazel Macuto is the Editorial Assistant of Zee Lifestyle. She spends most of her free time playing with her dachshund named Waffle or painting any available blank canvas. Follow her postings about art on Instagram @hazelninna

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