Treat Yourself to These Homegrown Pizzas in Honour of Pizza Day

What better way to celebrate Pizza Day than ordering yourself a pan of delicious, warm and fresh pizza from these local pizza spots? 


Handuraw is pronounced as han-doo-rau and was coined by the family’s matriarch Becky Pestaño Smith as a result of looking for an old Cebuano word that would embody vision, and creativity. It is the Cebuano word for “the power to imagine.”

Try their Handuraw Special. Loaded with pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, bacon, mushroom, olives, mozzarella cheese and other tasty ingredients, it’s definitely an indicator of why it’s their best-seller.

The Pyramid

The Pyramid is a casual wine and dine restaurant that gives its patrons a perfect place to get together. Exuding a unique homey-chic ambiance, The Pyramid offers affordable and delectable food and wine choices.

I recommend trying out their 3 Cheese pizza—it has mozzarella (mm, yes!), gorgonzola (uh-huh!) and blue cheese (a personal favourite!), which makes a gastronomic burst of flavours in your mouth.

La Vie Parisienne

La Vie Parisienne is without a doubt, a go-to for when Cebuanos want to relax and meet up with friends over a bottle (or bottles) of wine. While they’re known for being heavily French-inspired, they do serve Italian classics such as pizzas and pasta. 

Pizza Republic

If you want to create your own pizza, then Pizza Republic is the perfect place for you. You can choose from an assortment of toppings, cheeses and sauces to build your pizza. Pro tip: remember to think about what ingredients go well with each other! 

La Bella Napoli

Last but not the least is La Bella Napoli, where you can get some of the best pizza served hot and fresh. Using fresh and authentic Italian ingredients, you’re bound to experience pizza heaven.

All photos are taken from the wires unless stated otherwise. 

Gia Mayola
Gia Mayola

Gia Mayola is the Editorial Assistant of Zee Lifestyle. She's usually either cooking or eating in her spare time — that's if she's not scrolling through social media to watch cat videos. Follow her insatiable wanderlust and love for food and fashion on Instagram: @eyasthetics

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