Why Montebello Villa Hotel is an Oasis in the Heart of Urban Cebu

Once closely adjacent to a vineyard, the property was initially called Montebello Resort Hotel back then, they only had three rooms, the swimming pool, and a various recreational facilities such as ping-pong, a billiards table, and a bowling area. “Montebello was not really conceptualized as a hotel,” says general manager Luis Martin Alvarez “My father wanted to have an alternative club for the public to enjoy without buying shares,”

Being son of the hotel’s founders, Montebello has always been a part of Luis’ life. “I come here everyday after school, he shares. “I had two horses. I would go swimming after riding them. That’s been my routine.”

Fast forward to several years later, and this playground has since become the Montebello Villa Hotel — an enchanting picturesque villa setting in a 3.5-hectare landscape hacienda. The hotel reflects the richness and charm of Cebu’s Hispanic architectural heritage, engaged equally with elegant Filipino craftsmanship.

While most of the city hotels are vertically tucked in the metro, Montebello is a seemingly secret paradise nook in the tangible concretes of the city. Even with the restless urban urban strip in the surrounding areas, the property maintains its serene and tranquil energy atmosphere. It has maintained positioning as Cebu’s only garden hotel where guests can relax and refresh. “It is like a garden oasis, calm and relax in the middle of a busy city.” says Luis.

Montebello’s 150 rooms are set amidst the sprawling tropical greens for relaxation.

Each well-appointed guest rooms and suites include an in-room dining menu, as well as thoughtful amenities such as a 32-inch LCD TV with digital cable, complimentary high-speed wireless internet, hot and cold shower, mini-bar, tea and coffee making facilities. Additional perks for the penthouse rooms are kitchenette, 50-inch LCD TV in living room and 40-inch LCD TV in the bedroom all with digital cable channels. 

Catering for events and business functions, Montebello Villa Hotel has function rooms that can accommodate guests. They have their Luis y Merceditas Ballroom, Cuarto Mercedes, Cuarto Fortunato, Cuarto Imelda, Cuarto Pancho, El Jardin and La Pavilion Hall — all spaces are perfect for more personal and intimate events. 

For satisfying dining experience, the hotel serves a variety of local and international cuisine. Late last year, the hotel launched the Montebello Traditions — standout dishes from over the years. Most of these dishes are Spanish-inspired such as callos, lenggua, cocido, salpicao, and gambas. Montebello’s main restaurant is the La Terraza Restaurant that offers al fresco dining with views of the pool and garden. They also have Cafe Bougainvillea situated in front of the Main Lobby, that offers confections, sandwiches and pasta. 

Photography Adrian Yu

Other hotel facilities are the two pools that the hotel takes pride in, and soon Montebello will open its Wellness Center, a mini-gym attached with some wellness activities like yoga and tai chi. This will also be supported by the upcoming launch of their healthy menu. 

Along the years, Montebello remains known for its steadfast growth. “The success really is attributed to the dedication of the family, from starting a small restaurant to this Montebello,” quips Luis. “This was like their baby, and you can feel how much they loved the hotel,” he adds.

With its awesome changes, guests can experience the grandiose blends of charming and contemporary chic greatly reflected to one’s dream paradise. First impressions always last, and Montebello Villa Hotel, as a host, does not disappoint.


Banilad, Cebu City, 6332.231 3681 to 89


Carlo Rivera
Carlo Rivera

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