I like the sound of that.  Newscasters in CNN and BBC use that a lot, and lately, I’ve been finding myself using that word.  Traction. Binay never gained traction in Zamboanga, something like that. I have to say, Mar Roxas never gained traction with me either.  It started when Kenneth Cobonpue told me about Mar’s role in the aborted NAIA redo.   Add to that was an editorial in about Mar’s protracted role in the hostage negotiations in Zambo that resulted in a 24-hour delay of the release of the poor civilians (, and you get why I’m not a big fan of Corina’s husband (are they or are they not?).

Gaining traction with me however is our Zee app (I apologize for this blatant push!).  Its just so thrilling to see this little icon on my Ipad wherever I go.  It took quite some time to make this happen, but along the way, I stumbled into the shadowy world of software jedis in Cebu.  Their services are myriad.  Jonas, who did ours, develops apps that embed video to the page.  Carl was introduced to me as well; he can make magical number of likes in our social networking sites happen in exchange for a few thousand pesos.  Another pitch was to obliterate competitors in the Google search field for a fee.  No wonder Krispy Kreme’s sales in IT Park is tops, they need that sugar fix as fuel to those late night hallucinations and dark operation.

Zee Lifestyle
Zee Lifestyle

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