Three Restaurants in Cebu Everyone Should Really Try

When it comes to food, we only one thing – we have to try it! This time, we bring you three restaurants in Cebu that we, heartily, believe everyone should try. No exceptions. 

Flavored Puso

“Flavored Puso started with a simple idea,” says Rae Cabradilla, one of the Entrepreneurship students at the University of San Carlos who came up with this new version of the Cebuano staple. “We wanted people to try different flavors and dishes, and enjoy the convenience of having a meal in one.”

With pork sinigang and chicken adobo flavors infused into the banana leaf-wrapped rice, they’ve redefined the meal on the go. Rae continues, “In our puso, you will find an array of seasonings and meat that capture the essence of Filipino cuisine, while preserving that home-cooked vibe, proving that the most ordinary thing can be extraordinary.”

Schotel Extension

University of San Carlos-Main Campus

+63 933 679 8933

Facebook: Flavored Puso

Tongara Ramen 

Open for just a few months, Tongara Ramen Tonkotsu + Torigara has easily become a favorite amongst the city’s ramen-philes. Together with Barney and Aubrey Borja, of the family behind restaurant chain Dong Juan, Japanese chef Makoto Okazaki brings his unique soup that combines pork and chicken broth flavors—tongara is actually a portmanteau of tonkotsu, which refers to the pork bones soup, and torigara, the chicken.

Other than the restaurant’s namesake bowl, the Tongara Tantanmen is a must-try—the noodle soup has chili paste and sesame oil for a savory spicy taste. This writer particularly enjoyed the Tsukamen Ramen, a unique dish where cold noodles are dipped into a hot, thick soup. 

Escario Central, Cebu City

+63 32 254 6374

Facebook: Tongara Ramen

Sweet Little Things

What started as a small shop in a quiet nook in Escario has now established a strong presence in the city’s top malls and supermarkets, drawing a legion of both old and new fans of their cupcakes. Today, Sweet Little Things changes the game with the addition of entrées on their menu. PJ and Sandra Lee explain that the dishes offered by the SLT Café are mostly comfort food such as pastas, sandwiches, and casseroles. Light yet filling, their meals are hearty enough while leaving enough room for dessert. After all, who can resist a piece of their Chocoroons, or a Lemon Poppyseed cupcake?

J Block, Apitong St., Cebu City

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