Georgia Jauslin


Georgia graduated BS Business Administration, Cum Laude at the University of San Carlos. Right after graduation, she worked at the Alliance Française de Cebu.


Ever since she was a child, she wanted to be a writer. Right now, Georgia works as a freelance writer and enjoys the freelancer life in every sense of the word – She works in her own time and lives the life of a one-day millionaire and that of a starving artist depending on the projects that comes her way.


“I have a boyfriend. Just like me, he is a mishmash of races, Sicilian-Thai-Chinese. We met at a Michael Jackson party that we were both not planning to attend in the first place, so we mushily joke that it was ‘destiny’.”


“I see myself as a true world citizen – someone who has traveled the world; an enriched soul who has gained a deeper understanding of the things that truly matter. I see myself as a successful writer, someone flourishing in the artistic field, even if these days, it is the road less traveled.”

Age: 23
Provenance: Germany

  • photographer Jan Gonzales
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