The Best Sushi to Try in Cebu–and One You Can’t Miss in Manila

I am the kind of person who will always be in the mood for sushi, which is ironic because when I was younger, I could not stand the thought of raw fish. These days, I rarely come across a maki I don’t like—in fact, I too often fall in love with sushi rolls that I’ve sampled.

Thankfully, I live in a city that celebrates Japanese cuisine. There are even eateries that offer their own take on sushi rolls—Joed’s Lutong Hapon in Mabolo and APM Centrale is the perfect place to visit when you’re looking for hearty Japanese dishes on a budget.

Some of the makimono rolls from Radisson Blu’s Sushisake (photo by Nath Ybanez)

When I’m hankering for something a bit more authentic though, I head to Azabu at JY Square and Robinsons Galleria. They have an extensive offering of sashimi and sushi, and even offer up some toro for those looking to really indulge (the delectable Japanese tuna is priced upwards of P1,500). The Spider Roll, with its crab claw and fish roe, is a go-to, paired with a serving of soba.

Another spot that just recently opened is Sushisake at the Radisson Blu Cebu, which features some of the most delicious rolls I’ve tried in the city. Chef Jeff Yalung creates incredible flavor with his sauces—you hardly even need the Kikkoman and wasabi for his creations.

Ooma’s Soft Shell Crab Taco-Maki (photo from Ooma’s Facebook page)

Although sushi should be relatively simple, the way some chefs bring these fresh ingredients together can create the most interesting flavor profiles. A recent visit to Manila introduced me to Ooma, where I made the best decision of myself and ordered the Soft Shell Taco-Maki. The “taco” is made from temaki, and packed with soft-shell crab, ebiko and aligue mayo. The flavor is incredible, and I’m planning a trip to the capital soon just so I can have another go.

Shari Quimbo
Shari Quimbo

Shari Quimbo is the managing editor of Zee Lifestyle. In her spare time, she likes cooking for family and friends, and escaping to the beach on weekends. Follow Shari's adventures on Instagram at @sharinuh.

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