We’re Taking Cues from Jaja Chiongbian-Rama and Her Versatile Style

Jaja Chiongbian-Rama is a hard woman to pin down. It’s not really surprising, of course—balancing her time between running her events and PR company Bigseed, playing a role in the family shipping business George and Peter Lines, and being the doting mother of two beautiful boys (with another baby on the way) must not be easy. Somehow, though, Jaja makes it look like it is.

Perhaps that can be attributed to her personal style. Whether it’s at an event or in the middle of a tightly scheduled work day, Jaja looks poised and polished. “I can’t really categorize it into one particular style. I’d say it’d be a little bit of everything,” she says when describing her personal style. She adds, “I like mixing and matching.”

Her style philosophy, she shares, tends to be dictated by which facet of her life requires her attention for the day. “My style is pretty much eclectic,” she continues. “It depends on the occasion, it depends on my mood, and what I like to wear for the day.”

On this particular afternoon, she’d set aside some time for us for the photo shoot, although in between hair and makeup, she is fielding phone calls and emails. “There’s so much to do because I’m leaving for Osaka tomorrow,” she explains. “I still have to buy Manu’s winter clothes after this shoot, and then I have to come home and pack,” she admits with a laugh, referring to her eldest son.

For the photo shoot, it’s more classic silhouettes. “I would wear this to an event,” she says of the nude-colored lace dress that showed off her growing baby bump nicely. “Events, especially in Cebu, are an opportunity to dress up, so as much as possible I like dressing up for those.”

Of course, it’s not all about the shift dresses and ladylike cuts—in between takes, she shows me her latest fashion finds from Zara, which include a pair of pointed slingbacks in a floral print, and deep green pajama pants with a flattering side stripe. “And look, there’s a slit towards the bottom so you can show off your shoes,” she points out to me excitedly.

When the day is devoted to mommy duties, though, Jaja is more pragmatic. “Definitely sneakers,” she says. “Comfort above all else, but you can also be comfortably stylish. I like wearing sneakers with a casual dress or jeans.”

As we wrap up the shoot, we ask her if she has any fashion advice. “Wear something you’re comfortable with, but something that also reflects your personality,” she shares. “Don’t let what you’re wearing wear you—let your personality shine through. And experiment, because life is short.” She shrugs and laughs, “Just have fun dressing up.”

Shari Quimbo
Shari Quimbo

Shari Quimbo is the managing editor of Zee Lifestyle. In her spare time, she likes cooking for family and friends, and escaping to the beach on weekends. Follow Shari's adventures on Instagram at @sharinuh.

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