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24 hours in Cebu: Sinulog edition

Sinulog can get quite overwhelming, even to those who’ve experienced it several times. Here’s an itinerary of sorts to help you make the most out of the festival.


The ultimate Sinulog survival guide

Despite efforts over the years, there’s really no stopping anyone from hitting the streets—and why would you? It’s Sinulog, after all! It’s going to be one crazy day, so make sure you live to tell the tale with these tips from those who’ve been there before.



Every year, the crowds of Sinulog make their way to Baseline for a rocking party filled with music, drinks, face paint and a ridiculously growing crowd of people. It’s a riot, and we mean that in the best possible sense—where else would you find such a good-natured, albeit incredibly sweaty bunch, who just want to dance along to the music in the height of the afternoon?


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