Every year, the crowds of Sinulog make their way to Baseline for a rocking party filled with music, drinks, face paint and a ridiculously growing crowd of people. It’s a riot, and we mean that in the best possible sense—where else would you find such a good-natured, albeit incredibly sweaty bunch, who just want to dance along to the music in the height of the afternoon?

If you’ve been among that crowd, then you’ve probably wondered about the guys throwing the party. Also responsible for the Masskara Invasion and various other events throughout the year, Spectrum is a group of easygoing friends (and siblings) who make hard work look like a party—and we mean that quite literally.

These badass events are the result of a collaboration between brothers Ken and Kaz Onozawa, Jan Rodriguez and Richard Sharpe, who know what it takes to make a good “phew, what a night!” story. The guys have been throwing parties as long as they can remember, and decided to contribute to the growing Cebu City social community by showing their passion for sharing entertainment and good clean fun.

After starting Spectrum in 2006, the young entrepreneurs have been evolving with the rising market, now contributing a great deal to the Cebu social scene and attracting loyalty from the party crowd they’ve been serving. “We just love to throw parties,” they tend to answer when asked about what made them decide to start the brand, and anyone who’s been to one of theirs knows they don’t kid around. The annual Invierno: Winter Party has become a veritable Cebuano institution, where partygoers all dress up in white to the music from the city’s best DJs.

Founder of sister brand Rhipsop, Kaz took cue from the older brand’s expanding market—the young and energetic Cebuanos, to come up with a good and clean way to channel the city’s new social energy. With the help of another joint project, Ninja Strategy, came the full-blown Spectrum brand. Now, everyone attests to their taste and coolness factor, assured that their parties will electrify the Cebuanos (figuratively) with a perfect fusion of talent, lighting, stage design and a great crowd. Putting it simply, the guys have set out to “establish influence,” and as we can see, that’s just what they do.

  • by Maxx Obejero
  • photography Jerald Donal
  • grooming Roy Tizon
  • locale Irie Gastropubliko
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