Plan Your Vacations Over a Glass of Wine with Beringer’s Campaign on TripAdvisor

In front: Kathy Yao Santos, Melo Esguerra and Klay Tan; At the back: Gail Sotelo, Marcus Ingleby, Cyrene de la Rosa, Elise Greene and John Sicat

Beringer Vineyards recently held an intimate dinner with a number of travel writers and bloggers at TOYO Eatery to share the insights that they had from the survey. Marcus Ingleby – Portfolio Sr. Brand Manager for South East Asia, Middle East and Africa for Treasury Wine Estates together with Elise Greene – Portfolio Assistant Brand Manager for Southeast Asia, Middle East & Africa for Treasury Wine Estates, welcomed guests to a specially curated dinner from Chef Jordy.

Shauna Popple-Williams, Melo Esguerra, Sunny Ku and Kathy Santos

There’s a growing trend of Filipinos who are now travelling in and around the country, if social media is any indication for it. Feeds that have top posts are usually ones that have a photo of a beach or some exotic place with the top hashtags of #travel #beach and #wanderlust peppering the captions. However, in as much as Filipinos love to travel, a recent survey shows that almost 60% of travellers believe that they could have maximised their vacations had they planned their leaves better.

“We were shocked to find that there’s a growing trend of Filipinos who are short changing themselves when it comes to getting the most from their annual leave, given that they work so hard to earn it,” commented Marcus Ingleby, Regional Senior Brand Manager, Beringer Vineyards.

Treasury Wine Estates’ Marcus Ingleby and PDI’s Margaux Salcedo

“In response to the findings, Beringer has launched a campaign on the world’s largest travel site TripAdvisor, to inspire a holiday planning revolution. We want people to see that making vacation planning a social occasion is the way forward. A little bit of planning can have a huge impact on the kind of holiday you experience and it’s well within everyone’s reach. We believe that vacation planning is always better when shared with others over a glass of wine,” added Ingleby.  

A well chosen selection of wine was also shared by Miss Katherine Yao – Santos, Managing Director for Happy Living Phils. Corp. Each dish from Chef Jordy was paired beautifully with four different wines from Beringer.

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