Our Favorite Dessert Places in the City

When it comes to dessert, one might say that there is always a room for dessert. And yes, let’s admit it, one can never have enough of the sweet decadent temptations. The hunt for that glorious chocolate with a creamy frosting or that perfect sorbet or the unique sugar filled refreshment seems to be unending for most of us who are who doesn’t mind splurging on guilty pleasures. 


Favorite Dessert Places in the City

Know for their exceptional Lava cake, what started as a humble nest in the road of A.S. Fortuna is now slowly expanding its branches in the major malls of Cebu. Want to know what could be better than the oozing chocolate from their lava cake? It’s none other than their dessert buffet! Yes, dessert buffet. However, this indulgent treat is only available during the much awaited holidays. They sure know the right season for gaining extra calories from dessert.


Favorite Dessert Places in the City

Truly indulgent dessert among all has to be something that can be a soothing touch from the country’s sometimes unbearable heat. When it comes to gelato, Gelatissimo offers an endless choice of flavors. The artisan gelato offers the real taste of Italia. Made only with finest ingredients by the best local gelato makers.

Marisse Patisserie

Favorite Dessert Places in the City

Marisse Patisserie will always be our favorite. You have to come back more than a couple of times just to taste every single cakes listed on their menu. Nothing better than satisfying your sugar rush in a place where you know you can have more than your fill. From classic, fruity, nutty cakes to tartlets, rolls, and buns, Marisse Patisserie never runs out of anything to offer its sugar-loving customers. A private area that’s also perfect for coffee dates. pastries baked fresh and a little touch of homey love.

Last Course Cafe

Favorite Dessert Place in the City

A destination for some major sugar needs. Being awarded last 2016 as the Most outstanding and Innovative Crepe cake cafe shop on National Consumers Choice is already a statement of how amazing the crepes on this cafe are.

Satisfying the sweet tooth has always been fulfilling. sometimes guilty but most of the times fulfilling.

A sweet tooth’s paradise

Hazel Macuto
Hazel Macuto

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