The Must-Watch Movies at Binisaya Film Festival 2017

Since 2007, Cinemaone Originals has helped boost Cebuano Cinema by producing films by cebuano filmmakers and bringing the films to a wider audience. This year, BINISAYA honors this contribution in a retrospective of these cinemaone originals-produced Cebuano films during the BINISAYA film festival to be held from September 22-30 in selected malls. Here’s what to expect:

Confessional (2007)

A documentary filmmaker from Manila sets out to cover the Sinulog Festival in Cebu, but gets in over his head when he meets a retired, corrupt politician who is ready to tell all. Starring Jerrold Tarog, Publio Briones III (1 hour and 30 minutes)

Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival 2007: Won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Sound

Damgo ni Eleuteria (2010)

While employing the one long shot technique, the film tells the story of a young woman named Terya who lives in a poor Philippine fishing village. She is about to board a plane to marry an old German man she has never met, to settle her family’s debts. Starring Donna Gimeno (1 hour and 30 minutes)

Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival 2010: Won Best Music, Special Jury Prize

My Paranormal Romance (2011)

A young girl who dreams of getting into the toughest university in the country finds herself the unwilling recipient of supernatural powers, that make her question her scientific approach to everything in her life. Starring Phoebe Kaye Fernandez and Van Roxas and Paul Jake Castillo. (1 hour and 50 minutes)

Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival 2011: Won Best Production Design, Best Editing, Special Mention

Di Ingon Nato (2011)

Life in a remote village in the Visayas turns upside down when villagers are stricken by an unknown disease. As the village chief and doctor try to control the situation, they discover that the dead are rising from their graves. Starring Franco Reyes, Mercedes Cabral, and Rez Cortes (1 hour and 39 minutes)

Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival 2011: Nominated for Best Picture

Aberya (2012)

The film revolves around 4 individuals, each with an agenda of their own: An egomaniac Fil-Am boxer (Devaughn) on a pleasure trip, a prostitute from Luzon (Cabral) out to accomplish a mission, a local drug dealer (Varela) experimenting with time travel and a social climber from Mindanao (Moto) caught up in a scandal. Starring Will Devaughn, Mercedes Cabral, Nicholas Varela, and Iwa Moto (1 hour and 49 minutes)

Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival 2012: Won Best Supporting Actor, Best Sound

Iskalawags (2013)

One day, in the small peaceful town of Barrio Malinawon, seven young punks, who call themselves the Iskalawags because of their shared love for Filipino action movies (particularly those starred by their idol Jeric Raval), decide to set out on a mini quest to find the tree that according to Palot—the gang’s de facto leader—bears the lone papaya fruit as large as the belly of Intoy’s father (1 hour and 17 minutes)

Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival 2013: Nominated Best Screenplay – Cinema One Currents, Nominated Best Editing – Cinema One Currents, Nominated Best Picture – Cinema One Currents, Nominated Best Director – Cinema One Currents, Nominated Best Actor – Cinema One Currents

Soap Opera (2014)

Desperately finding ways to support their sickly child, Noel and Liza welcomes a new addition to their family, the unwitting Ben, a rich foreigner who is hoping to build a family of his own. Together, they play the game of deceit and make believe but the truth is far from being hidden as the daily soap operas vividly mirror what they have been hiding all along. Starring Natileigh Sitoy and Matt Daclan (1 hour and 43 minutes)

Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival 2014: Won Best Actor

Miss Bulalacao (2015)

The film narrates how a formerly quiet barrio, Punta de Bulalacao, Isla de Panamao is sent into a frenzy by the news of a gay boy’s pregnancy. Starring: Russ Ligtas, Chai Fonacier, Tessie Tomas, Mon Confiado, Nanette Inventor (1 hour and 31 minutes)

Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival 2015: Won Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress

Lily (2016)

Stories abound in Cebu about Lily— a woman rumored to be an “aswang”. But behind the myths is a story of a mother who, hurt and abandoned by her own husband, is now seeking revenge. Starring Shaina Magdayao, Rocky Salumbides and Natileigh Sitoy (1 hour and 33 minutes)

Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival 2016: Won Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Editing

Also showing are some of Cinema One’s offerings from other regions: 2cool 2 be 4gotten (2016) from Pampanga, Salvage(2015), and a documentary, Forbidden Memory(2016)

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