Make You Up

Cosmetics were created to enhance a woman’s features, which has done since the era of Cleopatra. Some women however, mistakenly believe you have to slap it on with more layers than an oil painting. Ladies: if Rupaul is looking better than you, you know you have a problem.

1. The myth that red lipstick goes with everything is just that, a myth. If you go out with just pale skin , bare eyes and red lips, you end up looking like Morticia Adams if you are lucky or sadly more often than not, The Joker.

2. There can be too much of a good thing, smokier eyes than a raccoon and more lashes than a Kardashian. Halloween only comes once a year.

3. Then there are those who are perennially stuck in the 80s. Blue eye shadow, green eye liner. . . you get the picture. . .even Cyndy Lauper has ditched that look , suggest you do too.

4. In a country where people are obsessed with paler skin than a Geisha, women who go overboard with the bronzer stand out in a crowd. If we can only see the whites of your teeth in a club, you know you have too much on.

Hire a make up artist, take lessons, enhance your features be it your eyes or lips. . . although if you don’t have any suggest you stock up on paper bags. . .

By: JT

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