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We ask graphic designer Sam Despi about her favorite spots in Cebu, and why she thinks they’re the best on the island. Whether they’re obvious choices or obscure destinations you’ve never heard of before, they’ll be a refreshing step off the beaten path.

Sam Despi (Photography by Dani Bautista)


Not a lot of people know about Paradise Beach and its crystal clear waters, even though it’s featured on the Welcome to Cebu billboard at the airport. It’s in a secluded area of Bantayan Island and there are only two ways to get there: a 20-minute trek on rough terrain or by boat. The beach’s remoteness often means you’ll be the only people there, so it’s like being on your own private resort.

Paradise Beach, Bantayan Island


One of my favorite places to hang out in at dusk is the Emporium Skate Park behind the Kokodine building in downtown Cebu. It’s the perfect place to watch the colors of the sunset behind the iconic Compania Maritima along SRP. Watching the skateboarders is equally mesmerizing.

Emporium Skate Park (Photography by Cliff Rigor/Originally published in Zee Lifestyle Directory, October 2014)


This cozy café’s been bitten by the travel bug. Its walls and shelves are adorned with the Zosa family’s mementos from around the world. The food is yummy and the neighborhood is quiet. It’s a great place to unwind after a long day.

A Little Piece of Sky Cafe

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