Kylie Jenner Just Gave Birth—Here’s What We’d Bring If We Were Invited to Her Baby Shower!

If you’ve been browsing through social media this morning, you’ve probably already heard— Kylie Jenner just confirmed her pregnancy by announcing that she gave birth to a baby girl. What makes this news a lot more interesting (other than the fact that she’s a Jenner) is the irony of the situation.

When rumours surfaced about Kylie’s pregnancy in September of 2017, she neither confirmed nor denied them. In fact, she went on ignoring the rumours like they didn’t exist. This was weird to many of her followers (myself included); Kylie is notorious for sharing her life on social media. Despite how nearly everyone and their mother who knew her would ask questions, she didn’t so much as budge an inch—to the point that it became a running joke online that goes, “who’s gonna tell her that we know already?”

Why keep things hushed, is what we all wondered, really. 

In her recent Instagram post, Kylie finally confirmed that yes, she was pregnant, and that she had already given birth last February 1. She wrote that she opted to prepare for the role of motherhood in the most “positive, stress-free and healthy way” and honestly, I can’t blame her for preferring to keep a tight lid on the situation; I’m glad she got to have a semblance of privacy and security in her ever-so-hectic celebrity life.

That being said, here’s a list of things (from local brands, of course!) we’d present as gifts if we were invited to her baby shower:

Handmade dolls from BUNSO

Bunso (which means “youngest” in Tagalog) is a craft manufacturer of artistic dolls made of cloth. As these are hand-made by needlewomen and painting artists from Cebu, each each doll is definitely unique.

Bunso promotes the culture and traditions of the Philippines and helps mothers of large families care for their children while working from home. Made with love by mothers, this would be a great item to gift Kylie who’s a new mom.

Handmade accessories from Li•Li•La Primitive Art

Made by Carlo Rodriguez, these accessories are thoughtful presents. These accessories incorporate steampunk elements into tribal art.


Place mats from Floreia

Floreia is a sustainable fashion company in Cebu, Philippines that uses patented recycled materials NuCast® and Naturescast®. Every purchase of these items helps educate underprivileged young individuals in Cebu, Philippines and provide a livelihood for local communities.

These place mats are made of natural fibres. These protect the table and help keep it looking its very best.

Co-Creative Studio’s SHELLF

Advocating natural materials and skilled crafts, Co-Creative Studio is spearheaded by Vikki and Paula Rodriguez. This shelf, aptly named SHELLF (a wordplay on the words “shell” and shelf), stands out with its unique design. 

This can be left as a statement piece, or put to use with its many shelves.

Obra Cebuana’s Egg Chair

Obra Cebuana is a world-class manufacturer of Furniture and Home Accessories melding rich Visayan culture, artistry and heritage with finely-crafted transitional pieces.

Perfect for relaxation, it’s great for when she needs to take a break in while caring for the baby.  

Gia Mayola
Gia Mayola

Gia Mayola is the Editorial Assistant of Zee Lifestyle. She's usually either cooking or eating in her spare time — that's if she's not scrolling through social media to watch cat videos. Follow her insatiable wanderlust and love for food and fashion on Instagram: @eyasthetics

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