How To Style: One Dress, Three Ways

When the wardrobe is getting a bit too repetitive or too boring, you can buy a new set of wardrobe or you can get creative. In this special styling series, in partnership with The BLAQ MAFIA and Promod, we find new ways to wear the same dress many times.

The Dress

Promod’s Floral Maxi Dress is a game-changer. Aside from it’s relaxed-sophisticated style, you can take this dress to the next level.

Look 1

Add a suede belt, block heels and bring out your wacky, yellow sunnies and you’re off to a great day. Simple, chic and 100% Zee approved!

Look 2

Wear it as an outerwear. With a tank top and your favorite pair of skinny jeans, unbutton and wear it as a light cover-up. This one’s a masterpiece.

Look 3

Tired of the feminine vibe? Add a denim button-up and wrap it around your waist. Voila! An instant upgrade.

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Zee Lifestyle
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