How Mandaue Nights Conquered the Cebu Stage


mandaue nights

Passionate about their craft, two equally talented and creative individuals decided to form a collaboration and create a song unlike they have ever done before. Karl Lucente, the guitarist of Honeydrop, together with Gino Rosales  formed a pop synth inspired by Mandaue, and surprising Cebuanos with a single that’s both refreshing and nostalgic.

How did they do that? Try listening to their music and figure out for thy self.

mandaue nights

Mandaue nights with their instant hit song “You and I” (ikaw ug ako), delivers the perfect song those with laid-back souls would want to listen on a spontaneous road trip.

Oozing with 80s and 90s vibes, listeners can’t help but feel the nostalgia of the good-old carefree days. The beat triggers the inevitable but very much welcomed last song syndrome.

mandaue nights

What is your inspiration behind the well-received single “You and I”?

Karl Lucente: It is inspired by the nostalgia of the 80s and highway soundscapes.

mandaue nights

What makes Mandaue Nights different from other bands?

Karl: We are all about bridging worlds, so instead of seeing what’s different, we would like to look at how music unites us all. It’s the love and appreciation for music that brings us together. 

When asked what’s next for Mandaue Nights, “A couple of secret and not-so-secret shows, good music and some fun collaborations are in the works” Karl Lucente gleefully announced.

mandaue nights

What to expect from Mandaue Night?

Karl: Expected the unexpected

With Gigs steadily lining up, it would be unforgivable to miss the Mandaue Nights. Support the growing music scene of Cebu and share the success of these homegrown talented young artists.


Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page:

and their Instagram : @mandauenights to know their gigs and whereabouts 

Hazel Macuto
Hazel Macuto

Hazel Macuto is the Editorial Assistant of Zee Lifestyle. She spends most of her free time playing with her dachshund named Waffle or painting any available blank canvas. Follow her postings about art on Instagram @hazelninna

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