Hidden OOTD Spots in Downtown Cebu We Bet You Didn’t Know About

Earlier this month, Zee editors have thought, out of curiosity, why not do a photo walk downtown Cebu and create stories for the website and at the same time published it for Zee Lifestyle Directory.

Downtown boy myself (‘coz I’ve been studying quite long in a downtown university), I feel ecstatic, excited, and elated. Walking Cebu, particularly downtown, is a good digestive for the heart and the mind—a personal antidote I have proven effective for the past years. Perhaps because, this particular place in Cebu mirrors the state I find myself sometimes: disoriented, plural-thinking, hectic, and chaotic.

Along the streets, the people surge recklessly, while street traffic themselves crawls like the country’s Internet connection. Amidst all of these, the beauty of the downtown exemplifies the true exquisiteness of the Cebu’s capital—colorful at day and romantic at night.

And with so many stylish nooks and corners in downtown, it is completely impossible to run out of picture-perfect venues and locations for your next Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) post. Zee Lifestyle rounds up the best of them in this list, and as a bonus, you’re going to make some enviable additions to the #OOTD hashtag. Reminder, just be cautious to yourself, your phone and to your belongings!

A series of columns at University of San Jose–Recoletos

Follow this shot to get a perfect view of the columns. Also, you can do your timing when less people are walking on this side. Plus, just few steps away are some of the best streetfood, one shoud try!

Senior Citizens Park beside Cebu City Hall

This place has a lot of nooks for your #OOTD shoot, but this photo with the lamp sums up everything.

Cargo Container Vans Parking Space

Find yourself stuck in the middle of the bright cargo container vans in the city, this is just beside the Senior Citizens Park.

Compania Maritima

Built in 1910, this structure is in the seafront near the Cebu City Hall. It was a famous fixture in Cebu’s business life back then. There are empty windows like this good for a well-deserved OOTD pose.

Factory Walls and Windows

The downtown Cebu is also the home of some factories in the city, here big walls with nice backgrounds are intricately displayed. Just so nice for an Instagram post.

Bougainvillea flowers near Magellan’s Cross

This flower is a riot of color. It is popular than you might ever think. This famous garden flower suits best for a perfect beauty shot.

Downtown sidewalks

This shot right here, resembles the romantic Hong Kong. What with its play of color and scenery. Tip: to achieve this color, pose near a traffic light to add life—may it be on a red or green light.

For sure, these spots are just far from half of the OOTD spots in Cebu downtown. We know, that as soon as we continue to explore more the heart and soul of the city, there are really stories worthy to tell.

Let us know some of your hidden OOTD spots, too!

Photography by Nath Ybañez

Carlo Rivera
Carlo Rivera

Carlo Rivera is the Managing Editor of Zee Lifestyle Directory. He loves to eat, and travel more of Cebu. Follow his adventures and morbid #1amthoughts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @carlotherivera

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