This doctor’s office in Cebu is the most stylish we’ve seen so far

When plastic surgeon Fremont Base decided to return to Cebu from Manila in 2012 to open a clinic, he clearly wanted his space to veer away from the idea of a typical doctor’s office. That meant no white walls, metal benches or harsh lighting, something he had well discussed with his design consultant Paolo del Rosario. “I’ll be spending my whole day here, so I might as well make the interiors of my office comfortable and nice for me and my patients,” Fremont adds.

Dr. Fremont Base’s office is inspired by English cigar rooms and gentlemen’s clubs. (Photography by Christine Cueto/Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, May 2015)

Together, they came up with a look that combined contemporary trends with classical elements to create a chic environment worthy of someone working in aesthetics. The reception area has grayish purple walls, complementing the semi-opaque sticker that hides the office’s interiors from the hallway. Standing in the middle of an area rug, a gray couch is furnished with throw pillows for comfortable waiting—the piece was designed by Anton and created by Allison Tyler. “It’s a bit French with the shape,” Paolo explains, “but we added a few curves here and there to make it more modern and unique.”

Throughout the space are various elements that tie into the modern luxe look that the duo wanted to achieve. Pieces of artwork hang over console tables, both of which were acquired almost by chance. One piece from up-and-coming artist Dino Gabito greets guests by the door, featuring clothing in a woman’s figure. “There’s a long waiting list for works from this artist, and we were just so lucky that one backed out of getting this piece,” Paolo shares. “And it’s perfect! It’s very appropriate for the space, considering Fremont’s work.”

(Photography by Christine Cueto/Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, May 2015)
A sought-after Dino Gabito piece to greet guests by the door, (Photography by Christine Cueto/Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, May 2015)

The other one—a grid of stones in different sizes and colors, resembling an ophthalmologist’s Snellen’s chart—was found in Bangkok, which Paolo recalls was practically being given away. “It was on the ground!” he exclaims. “But it’s a nice addition to the room. The colors of the stones are almost the same as the color palette of the room.” Below the painting is a console table by Allison Tyler, custom-made for magazines.

Fremont’s office is a more masculine space, done in dark green and wooden cabinetry by Anything Timber. “I don’t like clutter, so I made sure everything’s hidden,” Fremont says. His desk is a classic secretary shape, complemented by a pair of chairs for patients and his own tufted leather armchair. The darker tones soften the space, making it feel more intimate since consultations are done here. Every single space has been thought of—there’s even a roll-down white background hidden in an eave by the full-length mirror for when the doctor has to take pictures.

(Photography by Christine Cueto/Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, May 2015)
Not your typical doctor’s office. (Photography by Christine Cueto/Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, May 2015)

“It’s more traditional in here,” says Paolo, adding that the office is, in some way, inspired by English cigar rooms and gentlemen’s clubs. The interpretation must be successful, with both men joking that a room from the recent movie Kingsmen is almost exactly the same as the office. “Of course, that one was more authentic,” Fremont laughs.

His office certainly doesn’t feel like one you’d see in a hospital. It’s stylishly comfortable, and projects an inviting environment for those coming in for consultations and treatments. The next project for the duo is the treatment room. “We’re probably going to do it in the next few months,” says Paolo. “It’s going to be in more neutral tones, with lighter wooden touches. It’s exciting.” We can’t wait to see it, too.

photography Christine Cueto

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