Ilaputi Moves to a New Location – Find Out Where!

There’s something about walking into a somber yet well-lit restaurant. A brush of calming and romantic ambiance delivers. It’s in these types of restaurants are where milestones are celebrated. And in Cebu, only a few delivers the kind of atmosphere Ila Puti has. 

Dragon Chops

Many glasses clinked into celebrating different milestones. Birthdays, anniversaries and maybe graduations. But after 10 years of sitting on the ground of i1 Building of Cebu I.T. Park, a familiar ambiance will set foot on a new location. Ila Puti will be moving its doors to The Greenery, Mabolo. Bringing along with them the customer favorites, the Dragon Chop, Angus Goes Dimsum and Ila Puti’s Signature Cocktail Pitchers. 

But this is not something to be sad about. Rather, guests are welcome to celebrate the Grand Moving Party on Saturday, July 29. 

Enjoy a special night of celebration with games and prizes. Along with that, the guests will be serenaded with a live band, an Ila Puti weekend tradition. Diners will also get a chance to win raffle prizes as much as 3,000 pesos in Ila Puti gift certificate. 

Ila Puti in Cebu I.T. Park will continue to serve its guests until July 30. 


Katrina Labra
Katrina Labra

Katrina Labra is the Assistant Editor of Zee Lifestyle. In her spare time, she should be doing yoga but she would rather get as much sleep as she can. Follow Katrina's adventures on Instagram at @katrinalabra.

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