When you travel to a particular destination, you’d want to explore the best of what it has to offer—including its food. Forego the familiar and indulge your taste buds into something homegrown that’s going to make you want to come back to Cebu.
The Original Steamed Rice

For most Cebuanos, ordering steamed rice in other places leads to disappointment when they don’t get what they expected. That’s because steamed rice is colloquially associated with Dimsum Break’s signature dish—a hot bowl of fried rice topped with pork, shrimp and peas, mixed together with secret sauce.

Dimsum Break, Various branches in Cebu
[FB] Dimsum Break
Cebu-grown Tablea Products
Did you know that Cebu actually produces its own chocolate? Tablea is slowly getting recognized around the world thanks to Ralfe Gourmet.
Our personal favorites are the truffles, although when in town, have a taste of the chocolate-infused pizza.The Chocolate Chamber, P. Quirino St., Mabolo, Cebu
[FB] The Chocolate Chamber


Let’s be real: Hot on the heels of the #LechonWars, the clear winner is still Cebu lechon. For a classic take, we recommend CNT, Alejo’s and Rico’s Lechon; for a healthier option, go for Zubuchon. If you have more time, hop on a car and travel to either Talisay or Carcar.

The Stroganov

A lot of restaurants might offer beef stroganoff on the menu, but Ilaputi’s unique take on this comfort food is definitely something you won’t find just anywhere else. Strips of tenderloin and mushrooms
are combined with rich sour cream sauce and chives.Ilaputi, I2, Cebu I.T. Park and Axis Entertainment Ave., Escario
[FB] Ilaputi



Here’s a fun Did-You-Know for locals: You’d have a hard time finding pusô outside Cebu. Rice is enclosed in strips of palm leaves, woven in a diamond shape. It is then boiled and cooked to perfection. Pusô is a staple during beach outings due to its convenience, although we happen to really love it with lechon and barbecue too! You can find pusô in numerous barbecue joints, including Larsian.


Orange Brutus’ Sizzling Burger Steak

Long before the popularity of fast food chains soared in Cebu, the Queen City had Orange Brutus. This homegrown fast food joint was initially known for serving snacks, but then they came up with their sizzling burger steak, and since then there has been no turning back.

Orange Brutus, Various branches in Cebu
[FB] Orange Brutus


Siomai sa Tisa

It may be a type of Chinese dumpling, but siomai might as well be a local dish, what with Cebu’s take on it. Barangay Tisa has emerged as the siomai capital with its numerous stalls selling this streetfood specialty with its trademark chili sauce. Hop on a jeepney bound for Labangon for the truest experience.

Tisa, Labangon, Cebu

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